New Russian Edition Of Dancing with Siva Gets Underway


Brahmachari Dinanatha is the owner of Shivalingam LTD company in Moscow, Russia. He runs a large health spa there and conducts travel tours to India. Click here for his web site. He is very devoted to Gurudeva and Bodhinatha and is breathing new life into our Russian publications. During his visit last year to Kauai Aadheenam he lamented that the first editon of Dancing with Siva in Russian has long been out of print and that there would be a high demand for Gurudeva’s teachings in Russia. He was prepared to get the job done.

So Himalayan Academy recently signed a new contract with Dinanatha, granting him rights to proceed with a new edition. He in turn has just signed a contract with Andriy Kostenko in Ukraine who was instrumental in getting some portions of the first edition translated. Andriy is also a Hindu at heart and his translation of Gurudeva’s work is considered very good.

Today Dinanatha sent the good news of his agreement with Andriy, to purchase the rights to the translation and pay for the work on the balance. Andriy will now proceed with an upgrade to the original translation. (Some portions has been done by someone else to a lower standard). Here Dinanatha presents the contract to Gurudeva, who he has enshrined on his wall in Moscow.

Congratulations to Dinanatha and Andriy. Pranams to you both for moving forward with this project!

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  1. Ananth says:

    Feels great to know how appealing and beautiful gurudevas writings are, the voice of this great soul is helping in spreading saivism all over the world. Jai ganapathi

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