Remembering Gurudeva And His Gifts to Us

Prostration and Vanakam Swami,

Here as some slides we prepared for Mahasamadhi in remembrance of Gurudeva. Thinking of our beloved Satguru.

I could vividly recall the wonderful words His Holiness said to me, "I am in You and You are in Me" back in 2001 when I visited Aadheenam. I has profound impact on me that set my whole life direction towards self-discovery and showed me a wonderful path & religion, Saiva Siddhanta.

Jai Satguru!

Aum Sivaya

Ravichandran Ceyon

2 Responses to “Remembering Gurudeva And His Gifts to Us”

  1. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Aum Sivaya Ravichandran JI. Thank you for that beautiful remembrance of Gurudeva. I love when People share their experiences about Gurudeva. We all get stronger and more committed. Jai Gurudeva. Aum Aum

  2. Ravichandran Ceyon says:

    Aum Sivaya. TQ so much. Gurudeva simply amazing. Jai Kailasa Parampbara!

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