Cleaning the Silent Sage

Today is ashram sadhana day, meaning the monks spend the day cleaning the monastery. Here Jaya is giving Dakshinamurti a much needed scrub

15 Responses to “Cleaning the Silent Sage”

  1. Anjali says:

    Looks like Jaya is sitting on His lap, being cherished!

  2. Eleni Cannon says:

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  3. Mat McDermott says:

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  4. Nivethan Jeyasingam says:

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  5. Purany Ponniah says:

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  6. Ripla Malhotra says:

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  7. Leonora Orr says:

    DakshinaMurthi is ever the Witness/Observer/Sage in Living Grace….Silence IS golden! (WITH

    Reflection, Appreciation and Gratitude),

    aum namah sivaya, me ke aloha, Leonora

  8. Uma Ganapati says:

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  9. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Oh How nice.I can just imagine how Jaya feels. It is such a great blessing to be sitting in the Lap Of God.Good job Jaya!! Aum Aum

  10. Jayshree S Rao says:

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  11. Amma Anne Deer says:

    I adore this photo beyond words!!!

  12. Даша Сура says:

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  13. Ðęvā Kűmăř says:

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  14. Ava Waits says:

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  15. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Wish Dakshanamurthi would whisper some words of wisdom into your ear Jaya.

    You look very complacent.Bless you.Aum

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