Jai to our beloved Gurudeva!

How beautiful can Beauty be?
how bright can Brightness be?
how joyous can Joy be?
how still can Stillness be?
and how blessed can Blessing be?

How great can Greatness be?
how content can Contentment be?
how observant can Observance be?
how restful can Rest be?
and how focussed can Focus be?

How honorable can Honor be?
how happy can Happiness be?
how attentive can Attention be?
how warm can Warmth be?
and how loving can Love be?

How vast can Vastness be?
how respectful can Respect be?
how graceful can Grace be?
and how wise can Wisdom be?

How can you be all this and more
so much, much more
You who are perfect, complete, whole
take me places i'd never dare go
Show me sights i'd be scared to explore
Sounds vaguely familiar clearly flow
their colors bathed in a golden white glow
You light up my life like none before
You hold me in warm embrace
and shower me with your grace
Your very name fills and thrills
and a fleeting, yet vivid, memory suffices
to bring you back to your rightful place
as the light in my eyes
and the smile on my face!

Infinite love and eternal gratitude

Aum Namah Sivaya!

20 Responses to “Jai to our beloved Gurudeva!”

  1. leonora Orr says:

    Gurudeva’s magnificence of Vision, Will, Tenacity, Perserverance, Love and Kindness is so far and VAST beyond words….I can only be GRATEFUL to be a witness and partake in the Majesty. His teachings are continually unfolding and emanating in wondrous ways, in my life, among countless individuals, among the monks, in the community-at-large, and through Hinduism Today. What a GIFT he continues to be and to offer……! Aum Namah Sivaya, Leonora

  2. Leonora Orr says:

    aum/OM….Jai Gurudeva, Cosmic Dancer…the WONDROUS magnitude of unfolding wisdom, compassion and love, for ALL!

  3. pethuraja says:


  4. isani says:

    Complete, perfection….”Infinite love and eternal gratitude”What more can be stated. Appreciation for so clearly expressing my own heartfelt thoughts and emotions.

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