A Visit from Kauai’s County Prosecutor

We had the newly elected Kauai County Prosecutor, Justin Kollar come to visit the monastery today.
From left: Sierra Kollar, Justin Kollar, Cindy and Bobby Ayonon. Cindy and Bobby are long time friends of the monastery. Bobby has long been the one to take care of all of our air conditioner and refrigerator repairs.

5 Responses to “A Visit from Kauai’s County Prosecutor”

  1. leonora Orr says:

    aum/OM……Gurudeva so loved the bountiful display of Lord Siva’s creation, and has done such a miraculous unfoldment of revealing the Beauty through tending and maintenance, great vision, and continual renewal…..a true model of how Nature can BE if gently and consistently observed and tended, supported, maintained and enJOYed! Ever-grateful for the living Presence, me ke aloha, Leonora

  2. Varatha Shanmuganathan says:

    My daughters Rupa for the first time, Priya and I time for the third time visited Kauai in April 2012. We consider this Island and especially the acreage where Kadavul and Iraivan temples are situated beside the happily flowing Wailua River is the most inspiring and peaceful spot for us. I am sure many do think the same.

    Om Namasivaya,
    Varatha Shanmuganathan

  3. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Aloha! The beauty of Kauai shines on these happy faces! Mahalo.

  4. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Sarasvathi JI I so much agree with your comment. That is exactly what I feel looking at them.
    My favourite spot on the grounds is to sit on those beautiful stones by the River below Iraivan. God is everywhere but he is he seems to be there even more,just for me (smile).
    Thank you dear Swamis for being the Guardians of this sacred land. Aum Shanti

  5. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:

    Thank you Toshadevi. Kauai is really a clean & and beautiful island.
    Thank God there is peace & harmony there.
    Thank you to the website for sharing with us these videos, pictures & sharing with us on what’s going on there at the Aadheenam,etc.

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