Kauai Rock Quarry

Today we went to the Kauai Quarry to query the querulous quarrymaster about some quintessentially quiescent boulders for our sacred gardens. We were there with Martin Mosco and his wife, Alxe (pronounced Alex).

A wonderful session ensued, during which we clambered over hundreds of giant boulders to pick a mere four for the Iraivan Siva Garden that Martin is designing. Deva Rajan and Durvasa Alahan joined for the adventure.

Martin is on island for 12 days to make a scale model of a portion of the garden right around the temple. Alxe is a filmmaker (among other talents) and plans to document the entire project which will durate (should be a word) from now to August. Stay tuned for progress on this creative project, all thanks to the vision and support of Jim Levin and Natalie Cederquist of Tucson, Arizona.

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  1. Toshadevi Nataraja says:

    Beautiful. The stones all look like they have faces. Thanks for these lovely photos. Aum shanti

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