The sawmill is up and running

In its move toward self-sufficiency the monastery has aquired a sawmill. With the large amount of trees that come down around the monastery, the monks are now able to utilize the mill to saw lumber out of them. This is something which can cost thousands of dollars to have done by someone else.

13 Responses to “The sawmill is up and running”

  1. Victoria Hamilton says:

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  2. Justin Kollar says:

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  3. Margaret Goode says:

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  4. Nigel Siva says:

    Jai Ganesha.

    Please be extra careful with this band-saw Swamis. I believe that Murugan will protect You always.

    With love,
    Nigel Siva

  5. Ben Redman says:

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  6. Jigisha Patel says:

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  7. Jacquelyn Sidor says:

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  8. Rishi Markandeya Nageshwar says:

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  9. Tiru Adi Srikantha says:

    Yeah, very timely I am sure, Gurudeva and Ganesha made this wonderful boon for Kauai Aadheenam, Aum Namasivaya!!!

  10. Jayshree S Rao says:

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  11. Serephire Building-Brighter says:

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  12. Danalutchmee Putchay says:

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  13. Richie Suraci says:

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