February 2013 News Video

Our February 2013 news video covers events in January 2013, including: Iraivan Temple carving progress in Bengaluru, the completion of the statue of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami in Colorado, our new introductory video, Tai Pusam celebrations at the monastery, the planting of 2,000 mahogany trees and our acquisition of a new portable saw mill.

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  8. Kumaresan says:

    OmNamasivaya! This is really a wonderful spiritual experience perfectly guided by Grudeva even today! SivaayaNamaOm, SivaayaSivaOm, SivaayaVasiOm, SivaSivaSivaOm. SaintThirumoolar’s teachings becoming a reality in this far away island of Kauai. Truth ever lives. C.P.Kumaresan. From Tirupur.

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