Himalayan Acres Sandalwood Planting

On Guha Day two of the monks planted 33 native Hawaiian Sandalwood trees. The plan is that these trees will provide seeds for future tree planting. Hawaiian Sandalwood is quite difficult and expensive to acquire. Seed production will occur in roughly 5 years.

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  1. Richie Suraci says:

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  2. Thomas Allogenese says:

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  3. Sandra Jennings says:

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  4. Beatriz Campos de Castilho says:

    Nice gardening!!!

  5. Nalini Ganapati says:

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  6. Victoria Hamilton says:

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  7. Beatriz Campos de Castilho says:

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  8. Donny Jones says:

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  9. Amartya Thompson says:

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  10. Padmaja Patel says:

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  11. Eleni Cannon says:

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  12. Serephire Building-Brighter says:

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  13. Eliel T Starbright says:

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  14. Uma Ganapati says:

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  15. Leonora Orr says:

    Jai Ganesha! Hoorah! What GREAT news…Sandalwood!
    me ke aloha, aum shanti, Leonora

  16. Leonora Orr says:

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  17. Debbie Emory-Utzig says:

    The smell of sandalwood reminds me of our visit to your Kadavul templeā€”a place that stirs the soul. These trees will be a lovely addition to your slice of paradise.

  18. Elaine Norris Emory says:

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  19. Danalutchmee Putchay says:

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  20. Debbie Emory-Utzig says:

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  21. Jason Wike says:

    The trees close by in the first picture on the left side look like Australian pine (Casaurina equisetifolia). It is an invasive species. They are allelopathic, which means they release toxins to inhibit the growth of other plants and kill them. You should get an ecologist, botanist, arborist or someone else you can find close by whom can identify them and get rid of them if they are since they will cause problems for all the nice trees you are planting.

  22. Amma Vicki says:

    Why cannot I get the photos of this event?

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