Mango Tree Planting on Himalayan Acres

With the necessary but unfortunate removal of the mango tree by the Media Studio, we have planted three new mango trees on Himalayan Acres. These were provided by Durvasa Alahan, and in keeping with the Agamic advice that if you cut down one tree you should plant several more of the same kind. The tree in the foreground is grafted with three different types which ripen at different times.

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  1. Serephire Building-Brighter says:

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  4. Marius Atul Mesaros says:

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  5. T.Sivayogapathy,Toronto. says:

    “History Repeats”–Yes! Our Parama Guru Yogaswami planted a

    Mango Tree, long,long ago, at Kilinochi, North of Sri Lanka;

    Later, upto the year 1960, he used to visit frequently, to Kilinochi

    and perform Meditation, under the said Mango Tree ; At one

    stage the Tree was named as “SWAMIYAR TREE”! It is a huge Tree

    & still the Tree is there, with a Legendary Landmark!!! Aum Shanthi!

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  8. Renu says:

    so beautiful…

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