Solar Project

he Siddhidata Kulam officially began the construction side of the monastery solar array. Using the John Deer tractor, several shovels and a few strong monks, 56 holes were drilled. Those holes will become small concrete foundations that photovoltaic solar panels will mount to. Solar electricity brings the monastery one step closer to self sufficiency. Jai Gurudeva Jai Bodhinatha !!!

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  1. Bhavani Palani says:

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  2. Richie Suraci says:

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  3. Victoria Hamilton says:

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  4. Ali Najafi says:

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  5. Jakob Doctorsnakeman Sulzer says:

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  6. Jigisha Patel says:

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  7. Aravind Gopal says:

    Jai Ganesa,
    Congratulations, I feel if the poles are tall enough,
    Vegetables or Ayurvedic herbs which are shorter and shade tolerant can be cultivated beneath the panels.

  8. Ramsamy Pillay says:

    Good resolution and action.

  9. Adi Srikantha says:

    Wonderful, to see the progress. You have, I see the required shovel leaner, working hard supervising the holes,Raja…haha

  10. Gloria Ku'uleialoha Coppola says:

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