Wailua Mission Rudraksha Day

Yesterday the Wailua Mission gathered for their Rudraksha day. They have all worked very hard to collect and gather the seeds, followed by cleaning, drilling and oiling them. On this day they string them into malas and craft jewelry for sale in the Mini Mela. We are all very thankful for their efforts.

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  1. S N Murthy Vemparalla says:

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  2. Serephire Building-Brighter says:

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  3. Danalutchmee Putchay says:

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  4. shakti Mahadevan says:

    Beautiful group…..beautiful work!!!

  5. Lauren Bronikowski Vasquez says:

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  6. Victoria Hamilton says:

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  7. Kumaresan says:

    Om Namasivaya! Really a Great Wonderful job for all Sivanadiaars of the world. Rudraaksham- Holy tears of Lord Siva and a very powerful Saiva symbol along with thiruneeru adorn everySaivite. Real GreatService by the Sivathondars of Kauwai island. Siva Siva. Anbuan, C.P.Kumaresan. From Tirupur, Tamilnadu,India.

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