Swamis Perform iDevice-only Travel Experiment, Part 3

Et maintenant, la troisième episode de l’expériment:
We are roughly half-way through the trip today, driving through the Swiss Alps from Geneva to Bern after a highly successful time in Italy (which you will read about soon, we promise)… But “hey,” you ask, “what about that Hinduism Today article this modern itinerant pilgrim needs to edit?” True, there isn’t an iOS version of Adobe InDesign—yet—so that will have to wait until the intrepid sannyasin returns home. Besides, between the events, interviews, temple visits, the travels from one to the other, and the rare, momentary bouts of rest and relaxation, there is hardly the time to focus on such an elephantine task. Some things are better left at home. What about downloading photos from the camera, processing them and writing captions for the monastery blog? Okay, so maybe some will call this cheating, but we won’t: the monk who had the crazy idea is joined by a monk who did bring a MacBook Pro. For a task like downloading, sorting, processing and mass uploading of large numbers of photos and captions for the slideshow posts you see on this blog, one computer is enough for our traveling troupe. But we are thinking of the ways even this job could be done on an iPad. We brought a cable to connect the digital SLR camera to the iPad to download the occasional tweetable photo, but with a larger capacity iPad (this is only the 16GB model), all the photos could be held. iOS apps are available for organizing photos, too, and Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 update will make such tasks even easier.


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  2. Victoria Hamilton says:

    Aha! A MacBook Pro is on the scene. A little (or big) backup never hurts.

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