November Visitors

Here are some photos of a few of the hundreds of guests that came in November.  Almost without exception our visitors express heartfelt gratitude to Bodhinatha and the monks for opening their gates and allowing access to this most remarkable property.  They seem to sense that they are on sacred ground or at least something very special and unique.  We hear repeatedly from guests as we are walking - " I feel so spiritual here" or "I have never felt so close to God" or as one Muslim guest recently stated "Is this the heaven we have read about."  So the Sannidhya, the powerful shakti and emanation that is building and building at Kauai Aadheenam and pouring from the temple, from Bodhinatha and our monks is being felt by most who come in one form or another.  One guest who was very psychic saw Gurudeva's  big picture and said - "Is that your Guru?"  I said yes.  He said "He is sitting in the temple right now".  I replied that well actually Gurudeva left his physical body twelve years ago.  The guest became even more emphatic - "No - He is sitting in the temple right now!"

While Hindus are generally not very outspoken, it is natural and almost expected that when guests come here we tell a little of our story and share both a few of our beliefs and the Hindu view and way of life to visitors who come from many countries and every conceivable walk of life. It is a unique opportunity to talk about a few of the misconceptions and share the vision of loving acceptance of all, that all of life is a sacred process and that in the view of the Hindus, that we are all spiritual beings at one stage of maturity or another doing our very best to get in touch with our true soul nature.  When they leave they have a smile and many even a tear -  many purchase books, or at least walk away the little masterpiece and free booklet "All about Kauai's Hindu Monastery". This does well for a greater acceptance and understanding of Hinduism which we know is Gurudeva's hand still working tirelessly.

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