Temple Builders’ Bronze Memorial

We have begun our fourth year of working on one of Gurudeva's beautiful visions, a bronze memorial that honors the traditional temple artisans, and also all donors who have given to Iraivan.

The silpi at the forge is in Colorado today, and will be coming to Kauai in the months ahead. We showed you the most recent arrival, the silpi sharpening a chisel, but here is a more full description of him. He and the other two are temporarily installed in the Banyan Mandapam where all visitors can touch this masterful work by Holly Young.

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  6. Rudiren Carpanen Pillay says:

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  7. Will Brown says:

    Beautiful work. I look forward to seeing it on my next trip to Kauai.

  8. Sarasvathi Iswarapatham says:


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  13. Anna Morano says:

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  14. Thanam Joseph says:

    Holly and her family has been chosen to do work towards
    the temple by Lord Siva ( Siven Arulal)

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  16. Parwati Devi says:

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