Bodhinatha visits Dallas-Fort Worth

Aum Sivaya!

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's next stop was Fort Worth, to visit the site of the new Hindu temple being built there. Soil and gravel compaction was set to begin the next day in preparation for the sinking of 30-foot pilings on which the temple foundation will rest. We also had the opportunity to visit the temporary temple, which is located in a shopping complex. As it was Monday, the priest invited Senthilnathaswami to help with the Siva abhishekam. The opportunities to perform worship oneself while traveling are few, so this was a cherished moment.

Driving all the way across the metroplex to Plano, the next event was at the Sri Ganesha Temple, another of the many new temples coming up in the area. This temple also recently had its groundbreaking ceremony and plans to begin building soon. Bodhinatha gave a talk in a temporary classroom located on their land.

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