Kadaitswami’s Umbrella

You wouldn't think an umbrella would make a good story, but it does.

Today we bring you a great surprise (it certainly was a surprise to us) in the form of our Satguru Kadaitswami's umbrella. To which we add a little about this great siddhar from The Guru Chronicles.

As we know, he was never without his umbrella. In South India and Sri Lanka people use umbrellas more for protection from the scorching sun than from rain, and Kadaitswami carried his during his extensive and famed walks. Whether in the marketplace or teaching outside the Siva temple to devotees, his umbrella was never apart from him.

So, Jiva Rajasankar, our site manager in Bengaluru had an umbrella made for Kadaitswami, to go with his murthi which is coming soon to Kauai to be installed with seven others in our paramparai. It's a delightfully graceful umbrella made of black granite, no doubt the first ever of its kind.

Kadaitswami, born in 1810, was famed for his ever-present umbrella, was a judicial officer turned mendicant, an Indian who guided the spiritual life of Sri Lanka, a linguist who preached in the commoners' marketplace and led a renaissance of Saivism among the Tamil people of Jaffna.

Marketplace Monarch
Muktiyananda (Kadaitswami) spent his days at Jaffna Grand Bazaar, walking about or sitting under a huge, shade-giving banyan tree. The shops on the northern and western streets of this marketplace belonged mainly to the Chettiars, or trading community. Muktiyananda did not say his name, so people took to referring to him as Kadaitswami (kadai means "shop" in the Tamil language, so his name simply meant the swami who frequents the marketplace).

It is common in Tamil culture to name holy men after places, for they often do not let people know any other name. History also knows him as Adikadainathan, "Lord of the Marketplace." Kadaitswami would go to a shop and take a piece of bread. While they might object to such filching by an ordinary customer, shopkeepers were always pleased to relinquish a little of their stock to the swami, for they had come to learn that business was bountiful on days he visited. They would even pray that the tall sadhu might come and help himself to something.

People observed, and these small signs gave them faith in the swami, faith in his powers to bless and magically influence the world around him. That is one reason Chellappaswami, his future disciple, was not as popular in Jaffna, for he refused to perform such miracles.

Muthaiyar shares the following: Sometimes Swami would dance in the market and on occasion enter a stall and touch the coins. Muktiyananda was described as lean and tall, dressed in a dark veshti, carrying an umbrella under his arm.

They say he was six feet four inches tall, had curly hair, piercing eyes and a long, pointed nose; his body was gangly, but well formed and of charming appearance. K. Ramachandran provided the following description on a radio talk he gave in the mid 20th century on Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. No photograph of Kadaitswami was ever taken.

The pictures of him that now exist are, in fact, drawings by an artist who was his devotee. These drawings depict him as having broad shoulders, long hands and a radiant smile constantly shining on his face. His long nose, lightly hooked at the tip, lent beauty to his face. There was a spring in his brisk, stately walk and humor in his talk that gave charm to his personality, say those who had seen him.

30 Responses to “Kadaitswami’s Umbrella”

  1. Victoria Hamilton says:

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  2. Rukmani Sivayogapathy says:

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  3. Rishi Markandeya Nageshwar says:

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  4. Anna Morano says:

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    Kadaitswami’s umbrella reproduction in stone is an excellent piece of art-work, and a thoughtful idea by Jiva Rajashankara.
    Indeed, it is uplifting to read and view your warm pictures, on this cold February night in Toronto. Thank you Swamis and the Silpis !

  6. Ramsamy Pillay says:

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  7. Rajakrishnan Gopal says:

    What a wonderful thought Mr. Jiva. The caption on Kadai Swami was also beautiful. Certainly will warm many more hearts like Mr. Thiru Satkunendran. Aum Sivaya.

  8. Thanam Joseph says:

    The mystery has been solved over the name between my friend and I, we were under the impression it was Kadaswamy.

  9. Thanam Joseph says:

    The mystery has been solved over the name between my friend and I, we were under the impression it was Kadaswamy.

  10. Tejasinha Sivalingam says:

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  19. Meena .Thavaratnam says:

    Liked this on face book.very realistic carving of Kadaiet Swamy’s umbrella. Thank you for putting it in face book with all details.

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  27. Thamby Kumaran says:

    Ever so sweet!

  28. Sankuthi says:

    Jai Jai Shree Maha Ganesh!
    Aum Namasivaya!

    Kadiet Swamian kudaiee (Kadiet’s Swamian’s umbrella)
    Kaduval Kovil kudaiee (Kadavul Kovil’s umbrella)
    Karunai ulla kudaiee (possesses full of mercy umbrella)
    Kaaranam enna kudaiee (what is the reason umbrella)
    Sollu ennaku kudaiee (tell me umbrella)
    Seithi enna kudaiee! (what the news is umbrella)

    Arul mikuntha kudaiee (possesses full of blessings umbrella)
    Alli vallangum kudaiee (grants plentiful umbrella)
    Madiinthitukum kudaiee (remains folded umbrella)
    Viruthunitkum kudaiee (remains open umbrella)
    Enngum ulla kudaiee (you are everywhere umbrella)
    Iraivan Kovil kudaiee! (and you belong to Iraivan Temple umbrella)

    Ennai kaandaal kudaiee (if you see me umbrella)
    Ennna solvaai kudaiee (what will you say to me umbrella)
    Unnai kaandaal kudaiee (if I see you umbrella)
    Enna solveen kudaiee (what will I say to you)
    Sivanuku uriya kudaiee (you belong to Lord Sivan umbrella)
    Selvam allikum kudaiee (you grant immense wealth umbrella)
    Unnmai naadum kudaiee (you stand for total truth umbrella)
    Uyiraai kaakum kudaiee! (you protect all lives umbrella)

    NB: Kudai in the Tamil language means umbrella

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