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Yesterday Vani and Niranjan family visited for the first time from UK. They are from Sri Lanka originally. The Roshan Raja family from Nevada and Elyathamby and Sothy Vignaraja from Baltimore, Maryland also recently visited.

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  1. Ely & Sothy Vignarajah says:

    We were happy to be making the second pilgrimage to this holy place. we were delighted with all the changes and new construction. The other devotees too were impressed with all that is done at the Monastery from milking the cows, to farming, to conducting religious discussions. we we sorry we did not have a day or two to stay close to the temple and be more involved.
    We are very grateful to be part of the group that celebrate the Nallur Festival and Have the Swamis come to us and talk to the children in the Sunday school classes.

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