Remembering Gurudeva – Thivaashenee’s Song

Thamilmani Visakan writes from Perth, Australia:

“Master Course student Sudha Vinadharan’s daughter S. Thivaashenee got to know this song to Gurudeva during our Jaffna pilgrimage from the Malaysian members. She was so attracted to the song that she memorized it within couple of hours during their journey back from Jaffna to Colombo. Sudha, sent her voice clip about a month ago and I did the editing.”

8 Responses to “Remembering Gurudeva – Thivaashenee’s Song”

  1. Amma Vicki says:


  2. Thamilmani Visakan says:

    Thank you and om namasivaya

  3. Vanita says:

    Bravo! Beautiful devotion! 🙂

  4. Rajes says:


  5. Parimala Selvaraj says:

    Wonderful! Aum Sivaya

  6. Sheela says:

    Adorable and inspiring, Thivaashenee! Much to learn from you. And, that is the magic of Gurudeva! Aum AUM

  7. adi sankara peruman says:

    Nice….very nice !

  8. Chamundi says:

    Precious. And perfect choice of photos.

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