Gurudeva Padapuja

This morning was Chitra nakshatra, the time to honor Gurudeva with our monthly Abhiskekam to his paduka in Kadavul Temple. Worshiping Gurudeva's holy feet, we draw forth his blessings from the inner planes in which he resides. Gurudeva's rose-like energy filled the temple this morning, as milk, vibhuthi, honey and other essences were poured over his feet in loving silence. Fittingly Gurudeva's Murti was surrounded by bouquets of fragrant roses. Sadhaka Mayurantha and Sadhaka Jayanatha performed the Abhishekam.

"I have faith in human integrity, in that unfailing 'still small voice of the soul' which each who listens for can hear. We are essentially pure souls temporarily living in a physical body. We can and should use our God-given gift of free will encased in love to make a difference in the world today, even if it is in a small way. All of us making the same difference together do so in a big way." Gurudeva

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