Have a Blessed and Beautiful Ardra!

My God is the melter of my heart of love. Let all adore my God, the Lord of primal love, first of beings, my Siva, who again and again melts my heart. May He render me His love in foremost measure! Praise Him but once, the Pure and Holy One, and He will be your escort to heaven. He, Lord Siva, decked in honeyed konrai blooms, sits enthroned in my love, steadfast and free.
Tirumantiram 274-275

Tomorrow is Ardra Nakshatra, an auspicious and powerful time to worship Lord Siva and receive his bountiful grace. We would like to share a recent Sun 1 talk that Satguru Bodhinatha gave in Kadavul Temple. In it He discusses the inner importance of temple worship, something to remember when we sit before Siva tomorrow. Aum Namah Sivaya

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