Happy Chaturthi!

Jai Ganesha!

All who entered Kadavul temple this morning were please to see Lord Ganapati in all his pomp and pageantry. Today is chaturthi and our 3am vigilee lovingly decorated Ganesha with a bountiful array of flowers, garlands, darba grass, chandana and more.

The Great Banyan Tree

An artist visited the monastery a few months back and went home inspired by the giant banyan at the entry. So she rendered her inspiration in this work of art. Thanks to you, M'mhawa Tamara

"I visited your Monastery a few months ago, and spent time with your Banyan. I came home and worked on a project, and I wanted to share the painting with you. I attached it."

Swamiji from India Visits

Aditya Alurkar family brought His Holiness Swami Madhav Tirthji for a short visit this morning. He is of the Tirtha lineage in the Shankaracharya Dasanami tradition. He has an ashram in Anand, Gujarat, called Omkar Sadhana Ashram
Click Here to visit their website

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