Ashram Sadhana Day — Focus on Iraivan

Today was Ashram sadhana day at Kauai Aadheenam. The first hours were spent getting ready for a major pressure washing/cleaning of the temple inside and out.

Heart of Innersearch: Direct teaching from the Satguru

The heart of Innersearch are the direct teachings of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and the other swamis. These are filled with new insights, laughter and a vision for moving oneself forward in spiritual life. This is what innersearch is all about. Leaving the world behind and revving up one's aspirations and intentions to make progress on to a more positive life and accelerating our inner work on San Marga—the path to Self-Realization.

Bodhinatha is particularly adept at bringing the core values of spiritual life into real life scenarios.

Innersearch Staff on Their Way Home

The seven monks are flying back to Kauai today and tomorrow, with many more stories to tell of the Innersearch in Mauritius. Innersearchers made this card for Bodhinatha, signed by all

Daily Worship on Innersearch – Puja for Shanmuga Deity

Home base for Innersearch in mauritius our Saiva Dharmasala property has many lovely shrines. A perfect spot for the worship and meditation. Here is Saravananathaswami performing the puja for the beautiful giant murthi of Shanmugam, Six-Face Murugan.

Mootoosamy Pareatumbee’s Masterful Innersearch Catering

Our Mauritius members were instrumental in making this Innersearch so special. Moogam Peratumbee is one of our oldest members in Mauritius. Here he is his wonderful wife Saranamutha and Sadhaka Rajanatha. Through the last three decades "Mougam" as he is known advanced himself in the hotel catering industry to become a master chef, a trainer and finally to open his own restaurant with other chefs under his supervision. Note that this career was built inside some of the top Five Star hotels in the world. He put in 100's of hours making all the arrangements for feeding the Innersearch, this is usually one of the biggest jobs our innersearch staff must do.

These meals have been a world-class adventure, with the staff making extraordinary efforts not only to provide foods that are healthy and savory, but also to bring beauty to the table each day.

Here you an see how the chefs have carved a Mauritian pumpkin into a peacock and styled other edibles for display. Five of them sat down for two hours and with golden pens wrote out the lunch menu on a large leaf, one at each Innersearchers plate that day.

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