Join Bodhinatha to Worship Lord Murugan in Maryland!

The Murugan Temple of North America will be holding it's annual Nallur Festival 2014 on August 8-9. Join the devotees and be with Satguru Bodhinathaswami who will be there for the festivities. Murugan Temple of North America, 6300 Princess Garden Parkway, Lanham, MD 20706, (301)–552–4889

Ode to Trees

Today we are removing some trees, scrub trees to be sure, but trees nonetheless and there is a small prayaschitta to be done. Yes, we are preparing the ground for more trees, many trees and much to live beneath those trees. Sad, our joy today.

So we give a small space to honor the tree. The photos here are of the immense and the ancient, the gnarled and the odd, but every tree is a bit of Siva's Self, howsoever plain and ignored by the wayside where it give life and shade to passersby.

Enjoy the slideshow and plant, if you can, 12 trees each year or see that they are planted.

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