Capturing Moments

Aum Namah Sivaya

As the Aadheenam head into two days of retreat, we thought we would share you a few more photos from the collection being developed for our Kauai Aadheenam Virtual Tour project. Most of the photos you'll see here were taken by Lakshmi Grace Phoenix. Enjoy.

7 Responses to “Capturing Moments”

  1. Vatshalan Santhirapala says:

    Stunning! What an inspiring set of messages to enliven and provoke reflection. Wonderful start to the day.

  2. KANESH says:


  3. Savitri Palani says:

    Inspirational! Thank you.

  4. holly young says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you!

  5. Rajendra Giri says:


    Aum Namah Shivay!

  6. Ramai Santhirapala says:

    Mahalo Lakshmi Grace Pheonix for this beautiful walk through Kauai Aadheenam – your creative and skillful photography reaches far and beyond. Mahalo Team TAKA for the beautiful introspective words of wisdom from Siva in His many forms.

  7. Lorraine says:

    Breathtaking photographs! Thank you for sharing.

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