Bodhinatha’s photoshoot & other works by Appa Richard Waits

Today Satguru Bodhinatha had a brief photoshoot with our Appa Richard, which yielded these truly stunning portraits. Appa Richard is a masterful photographer of many years and works mostly in the medium of black and white photos. Here we have a collection of photos that he's taken during his week long stay on Kauai. Thank you Richard!

Morning Walkabout

The past several days have been overcast and rainy here on kauai, but today everyone was out enjoying the sun in all its glory.

Iraivan Work Heats Up Again

After a long rest in Hawaii, Iraivan Temple construction picked up today with a new arrival of granite stones--one of the last shipments needed. Soon all of the stones will be here on Kauai and 40ft containers of granite will be a thing of the past. Our stone carvers are also expected to arrive in a few weeks to begin the final touches and placement of the Nandi Mandapam, perimeter wall and general spot-checks. 2018 is going to be an exciting year.

Our Father Visits

Natyam Jayanatha is currently hosting his father Richard, who is visiting from Seattle. Richard is an artist and focuses on photography and architecture. Just like Jayanatha, Richard is a gentle, soft-spoken man who measures each word with precision. It is a pleasure to have him at the Ganapati Kulam morning editorial meeting.

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