Beginning a Festive Week

This morning sunrise over the aadheenam is a beautiful way to start our 2017 Gurudeva Mahasamadhi celebrations! Jai Gurudeva!

After attaining his mahasamadhi in 2001, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami has been worshiped at this time each year. Pilgrims from around the world have arrived and today was the first day of their morning worship and classes with the monks. We'll post photos soon, once they're all processed. Until then, enjoy these beautiful shots of our islands charm, and join us in thanking Gurudeva for the magical, perfect presence that he has caused to flood into our lives every single day. Aum Namah Sivaya. Sivaya Namah Aum.

"To live positively in the conscious mind each day, exercise at least a half hour. Keep the vital energies of the body high and healthy. Eat simply and follow a vegetarian diet, feeding the stomach rather than the mouth. Be considerate of others always and live inconspicuously, almost transparently, by not ruffling your surroundings, by keeping the home neat and clean, by passing through a room or place and leaving it in a nicer condition than before you arrived. Seek fresh air and learn to breathe deeply. Get out in the sun. Move the physical body, walk briskly, dance, keep the energies vibrant and buoyant. Be close to nature. Grow food. Develop an art or craft so the hands are active, creative. Of course, being neat and attractive in personal appearance keeps the thoughts of others toward you positive. This is the way to live in the conscious mind. Try to live life as though you are walking in the rain without getting wet, or carefully writing on water. No ripples, no disturbance, no reactionary residue that has to be faced at some future date." Gurudeva

A Good Place to Search Within

Crowned by a blossoming Rainbow Shower Tree, our recently installed meditation hut is becoming a favorite spot for pilgrims and monastics alike. This has been good timing with our 2016 Mahasamadhi celebrations just beginning. This hut is a pleasant place to search within, feeling the gentle Hawaiian breezes and listening to nearby waterfalls. When the eyes once again open after a deep meditation, you are greeted with the soft green lushness of our island landscape. All of this, and with protection from mosquitos and without the need to run from the rains!

Satguru Jayanti in our SSC Missions

Click here to see sishyas celebrating Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's Jayanti in Malaysia

Click here to see sishyas celebrating Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's Jayanti in Mauritius

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