More From 2017 Mahasamadhi Observances

Jai Gurudeva!!!

Our 2017 Mahasamadhi celebrations continued with an afternoon parade on the second day. This parade took a pair of tiruvadi and Gurudeva's image out to Iraivan Temple's Inner sanctum and back. Stopping along the way at Umbrella Ganesha, the flagpole, and followed by worship at Dakshinamurti.

The next two days would begin with our morning padapujas performed by the monks, and included classes with Sadasivanathaswami and with Satguru. Satguru discussed many topics including an elaboration on Lord Murugan and some explanation of Skanda Shashti.
On the final afternoon, we began with a homa conducted by Kumar Gurukkal who flew in for the event. The homa included several powerful Vedic rituals and culminated with Satguru carrying the Kumbha outside around the flagpole and back into the temple to be poured over Gurudeva's tiruvadi for the final abhishakam.

Gurudeva Mahasamadhi Observances

Click here for more photos of observances in Mauritius.

Gurudeva Mahasamadhi Satsangs

Few photos of Satguru giving his first of two satsangs during Gurudeva Mahasamadhi observances

Satguru Jayanti in Mauritius and Malaysia

Click here for description and more photos of sishyas in Mauritius celebrating Satguru Jayanti.

Click here for sishyas observing Jayanti in Malaysia

Temple Builders’ Pavilion Officially Inaugurated

At about 9:26am on October 17th the life-sized bronzes of Gurudeva, the temple architects and silpi sculptors was formally blessed and opened. After a short chant by Kumarswami Gurukkal, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami gave all present an overview of Iraivan and how this collection of masterpieces fits into the future visitor's experience. Then Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami offered a detailed history of Gurudeva's instructions to build the pavilion, followed by stories of Holly Young, the sculptress, and the 32 artisans in Colorado who have done this work over the last eight years. He also spoke of some chain handrails that will come next year. Gurukkal then did a series of beautiful pujas, bringing all of the devas of earth, air, fire, water and akasha to bless and support the pavilion into the far future. Enjoy the photos of the opening:

From Gurudeva's mathavasi shastras 6-11-2001
"So Iraivan is a mind merge of working togetherness which we all do very very well and in a extremely very very nice way. That's why everything works so nicely here and why we have silpis out there and why we are building this beautiful temple which is a testament of the harmony and productivity of all the mathavasi with their brahmachariya and the brahmachariya makes you extremely creative when you are doing it properly.

The silpis create these beautiful statues and temples and their names are not there, you don't know who they are. They don't become famous and they don't advertise themselves. That's the tradition. You do something and create a piece of art and it stands on its own. You don't sign your name on it and stand up and do all that stuff. So its best to always take a humble position or a behind the scenes position."

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