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We've recently updated the Books page on our Himalayan Academy website. As you may well be aware, we have produced numerous publications over the years. So much so that sifting through them to find what your looking for had become difficult. With this new tabbed display model, we're hoping to make that easier. We'll be refining it over time, so any feedback is welcome. Just write us a comment. Click here or navigate above to reach the redesigned page.

Satguru’s Upadesha from Mahasivaratri

This Morning’s Rainbow Over Iraivan

"See everything you see as Siva. Do everything you do as Sivathondu. Give up this 'I' and 'mine'."
Siva Yogaswami

Mini Mela Pricing

Sivarathna has rotated back to the Pillayar Kulam. Yesterday he spent time pricing items for the Mini Mela. These many mini murtis recently arrived to be made available for sale and the money made will go towards Iraivan and Himalayan Academy Publications.

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