Sadhana: The Path of Change

Above is Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's Sun One talk from three days ago. He advises us to follow Gurudeva's teachings in a serious way; take up a daily vigil, sandhya vandana, worshiping at the change of days (sunrise and sunset). It takes time to change and master our character, soften the ego and purify the subconscious. Welcome correction from a living guru and take up the spiritual path, the path of change. The challenges of daily sadhana slowly lifts up the energy from the instinctive and intellectual mind into higher realms of experience.
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Recent Upadesha by Satguru Bodhinatha Velyanswami

Satguru in Sri Lanka – Anatha Illam Ladies home in Vavuniya

On February 1st Bodhinatha visited the Anantha Illam in Vavuniya, This home is one of the charitable funds in our Hindu Heritage Endowment. This endowment provides for the care of displaced elderly women with the goal to return them to their villages. The affected women initially receive treatment as in-patients at the mental health unit of the Vavuniya General Hospital. Once their acute illness is reasonably cured, they are generally referred to Anantha Illam. Based upon availability of accommodations, those who have no one to take care of them or who are in need of special care and are destitute, are to be given priority admission to the center. The inmates are provided accommodation, food and counseling.

Satguru in Sri Lanka – Visit to Velanai Murugamurthy Temple

On January 30th, Bodhinatha visited Velanai Murugamurthy Temple. Velanai is an island off the cost of Jaffna.

This Temple is one of the charitable funds in our Hindu Heritage Endowment.

Satguru’s Upadesha from Mahasivaratri

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