Final Silpi Bronze Work

Colorado -based master metalworkers Bobby and Kathy Page sent us these photos today depicting the final major addition to the bronze Iraivan Temple Builders' Memorial. This piece shows Selvanathan Stapathi marking designs on one of the temple's Tara pillars as another part of the pillar is worked on by Chinnaiya, a marvelous sculptor with unique gifts who spent several years on Kauai. As you may remember, sculptress Holly Young, who lives on the Big Island, made a casting of the actual pillar in Iraivan Temple to aid her in her work. This means the bronze pillar you are seeing here is an exact duplicate of the stone pillar in the temple, perfect in every detail.These photos show some of the assembly process of the bronze pieces. Bobby noted there is some duct tape on the architect's arm, there to steady tack welds while the final welds take place. After this, the piece will go to the gifted patineur, Debbie Bakel, for the chemical coloring of the metal surfaces which will make the realism come to life. After that, it will be shipped to Kauai. One of Bobby's observations when the monks visited Loveland last September is that one seldom sees a massive architectural work executed in bronze. People, yes. Dogs and cats, yes. But not architecture. That is one reason this masterwork, as we call it, evokes such awe! As a final note, there is still a major bronze piece to be done, which is the 2-feet-wide by 6-feet-tall by 9-feet-long Chola-style panels which record the names of some 15,000 donors around the world. It's a major piece, but this one above is the last one that shows the silpis at their tasks. Aum Namah Sivaya

New Tractor

Every few years the monks upgrade the monastery equipment in order to not be suffocated in maintenance nightmares. A new John Deere tractor has been purchased to help till the fields.

Media Studio Swing

The Media Studio has finished constructing a traditional style Indian swing for guests to take their shoes on and off. Acharya Kumarnathaswami has crafted the bench portion while the rest was sponsored by devotees in California.

Jiva and Kanmani Rajasankara

Jiva and Kanmani Jiva and Kanmani Rajasankara sat with the Ganapati Kulam yesterday and shared their wonderful tale of being assigned the monumental task of overseeing Iraivan Temple construction in India. "I met Gurudeva in 1975 in Kuala Lampur," Jiva began, "At that time the communications were very slow, by the time I sent a letter to Gurudeva it could take two weeks to arrive and two weeks to return. And at that time the church sent newsletters to Malaysia on different guidelines for parents; remove your children out of missionary schools, etc. But at that time we would only read the letter with little seriousness, close the letter and set it aside. That was the general trend for the members at that time. This is what we did until we recieved a direct order from Gurudeva, then we would see what he said and apply it. "It took some time and went through all of the maturing in stages. Over the years I found that whatever Gurudeva says might not be clear to our intellect over that time, but whatever he gives is for ten, or twenty, years from now to see the results. So I eventually got the spirit that whatever he says is the final word for our karmic evolution for this birth. "When he gave me the instruction to move to India it was pretty easy with some challenges. The shift from one country to another and moving from one job to another, a job I had never heard of, and manage 30 to 40 workers started with struggle. We worked with Ganapati Sthapati in the beginning with some difficulty and then Selvanathan sthapati came and everything went smoother. He and I were both second generation in this field and worked well together and get a lot of things done. "Today, I can say that because of Gurudeva's instruction and guidance, our company is one of the leading companies in India. As a granite company who does both temples, deities and house items we are able to do cover a broader scope of work than most competitors who will only do one or the other type of job. I give all the credit to Gurudeva, this is all because of him. "We are doing well because of the grace of the guru. I'm very proud to see where the work is now and am excited for the future."

Kadavul Tile Replacement

The tile at Kadavul Temple has recently been replaced thanks to the hard work of our head groundskeeper Doug and overseen by Yoginathaswami and the Siddhidata Kulam.

This tile has had a few years of rough weather and took too much moisture underneath the surface and started to pop up tile by tile.

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