Nataraja Niliyam Receives New Lights

Today the kitchen named by Satguru as Nataraja Niliyam had new LED lights installed by Easvan Param. Easvan comes to the monastery several times a year to perform electrical seva. The old bulbs in this kitchen were fluorescent and burned out regularly.

Parking Lot Refinish, SK Work and Taskforce Help

Namaste everyone, the monks have reached the end of their phase and bring you some project updates from 'round the Aadheenam. Hope you enjoy. Aum.

Media Studio Soffit Project Finished

We welcome you to enjoy this short story that took many moons to complete. Large projects at the monastery take much effort and a small village of selfless servants to get it done. Thank you to everyone who has helped and will help in the moons to come.

Siddhidata Kulam at Work

Good Saturday everyone, today is the last day of the phase and we are going into a 3-day retreat, but first a few photos of our Siddhidata Kulam working on the monastery's CAT Skid Steer. This full day job was one of the cat's major services.

Our New Noni Washer in Action

After months of toiling and research, Acharya Arumuganathaswami was ready to test out his recently-crafted barrell washer. Our method of cleaning the freshly harvested fruit heretofore was entirely manual. While effective, it isn't entirely the most efficient. Automating some of that process will aid in the overall production.

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