Media Studio Progress

Yesterday the vinyl wall murals destined for the Media Studio bath arrived from Chicago. We selected a delightful work of art by our S. Rajam, a coconut grove in which a villager is drawing water (bath, get it?) from a kineru, a village well. If you have never seen one of these in action, the man walks back and forth on a beam made from a coconut tree. As he steps forward, the bucket drops into the water, and as he steps back, the bucket rises to be emptied.

You can see in the slideshow this art transformed into waterproof vinyl which will adorn three of the walls, with a giant mirror on the basin side, so one will feel surrounded by coconut trees, which, by the way are just a few feet away outside the Media Studio!

Now we can plan for the installation, after leaving it for a few days to acclimate to our Hawaiian humidity.

Media Studio Construction Continues

Today is Kanda Alahan's last day at the Aadheenam. He has been a wonderful help to the Ganapati Kulam's construction efforts during his visit. In the short time he's been here, kanda has completed the two wall shrines and helped to create the vent frames for the two ventilation ceiling coffers.

Work has also continued on the desks for the Kulam. In the woodshop, some of the monks have been working on creating the tops, all made from mango which was milled in 2008. For the desk bases, we've purchased raisable ones. These will allow for monks to stand while working at their computers, which is a much healthier approach to their long hours of media work.

Kanda Alahan Visits from California

Today Kanda Alahan arrived at the Aadheenam. He plans to attend Mahasivaratri and spend the remainder of his week here, working with the Ganapati Kulam on the Media Studio. Kanda lives in Concord and skillfully builds custom cabinets. Laid out before him are the shrines he has built for the Media Studio's entryway. They will be on either wall as one enters the building, and will house the Ganesha and the Gurudeva carvings which have been completed. These shrines were built out of African Mahogany.

A Woodshop Buzzing with Activity

With the Ganapti Kulam's recent finalization of the next issue of Hinduism Today, they are now free to devote a great deal of their energy to their work on the Media Studio renovation project. Today several projects are actively progressing simultaneously. The new tent cover for the saw mill is being put together, the cove molding is being installed, the team's new desks are being created, the ceiling vents are being painted, the 1008 lingam cabinet has been assembled and the front entryway door installation is moving forward. Not to mention all of the unseen background task which must be accomplished. Here is a slideshow of some of the recent progress, with an in depth look at how the mango desktops are being created.

Chola Style Pots for Iraivan Temple

As you know, the team in India is working hard on the perimeter wall, that 480-foot-long granite wall that is regarded as mystically important, protecting the subtle energies of Siva's abode.

But you may not know that they are also working on some 50 granite pots that will sit atop the wall. Today we got this report from Jiva Rajasankara. Read the captions to learn of the process.

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