Chola Style Pots for Iraivan Temple

As you know, the team in India is working hard on the perimeter wall, that 480-foot-long granite wall that is regarded as mystically important, protecting the subtle energies of Siva's abode.

But you may not know that they are also working on some 50 granite pots that will sit atop the wall. Today we got this report from Jiva Rajasankara. Read the captions to learn of the process.

Milling Progress

Recently Acharya Kumarnathaswami has been working hard to mill wood so that it may be saved and used for future monastery projects. With the help of Jnanideva, the wood from a large monkeypod tree was cut. Monkeypod is a wonderful dark wood that is often used for carving. The monastery was gifted these giant logs, which came from a historic, island tree that was cut down last year.

Installing the Ceiling Kolams

Over the last few days, Sadhaka Jayanatha and task-forcer Jnanideva have been installing the kolam designs in 16 of the media studio's ceiling coffers. Today the final two designs went in. The process requires planing off little bits at a time to get the right fit. The kolam designs are printed on canvas with plastic backing and they've been installed with velcro, allowing the designs to be moved around or replaced whenever a change of space is desired.

Progress on the Yesti for Iraivan

Last year this carving of the yesti for the temple was started. This first image is a cement model of it created by Dr. Ganapathi Stapathi, a pioneer lecturer of Government College of Architecture and Sculpture, Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu. He had met Gurudeva while he was lecturing in the college, long before Iraivan was even thought of. The final slide is the state of the stone today, as it nears its completion.

Lights, Coffers and Some Helping Hands

The lighting for the Media Studio is nearly complete. The coffer lights have been installed and as you can see they are quite extraordinary. The sample kolum, below, is a wonderful addition and gives you a taste of how the many uniquely-designs art pieces will look throughout the ceiling. The Studio's new, cutting-edge Lutron lighting system allows for remote access to the lighting via a computer or mobile device. And to top things off, Jnanideva has just arrived from Canada to help with construction. A good time to be on Kauai. Back home he was facing negative temperatures. He's currently helping in the creation of the trim which will go between the ceiling and walls.

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