Watch a Bronze Get Made from Start to Finish

A few weeks ago, the monastery received the most recently completely bronze piece for the Temple Builder's Memorial. This piece is of two silpis moving a large, roughly hewn block of granite with iron crowbars while using a simple block of wood for leverage. In the long slideshow below we take you through the several steps required to produce a world-class bronze.

Out of curiosity, we asked chief metal craftsman in Loveland, Colorado, Bobby Page, if he was aware of any other similar project to ours. This was his response:

"In Kathy and my 34 plus years of working with thousands of artists and too many projects to count the Temple bronze's are quite unique as we have never seen or worked on a project that tells the story of a process to that scale.  I have also asked some local (old time) artisans in the area the same question and they have never heard of anything like it.

"Other than works we have done for Na Aina Kai (a world class botanical garden on Kaua`i) we can't think of any other family of bronze's. Especially workers/builders the common hands with blisters on dusty tired hands going home to rest at the end of a hard day with the echo of hammering still ringing in their ears. The countless tiny bits that get in the eyes even when glasses are worn. The missed stroke of the hammer hitting the hand or even worse marring the work.

"Holly has done such a wonderful depiction of all the pieces in the memorial that I feel quite close to them all working/looking at them, learning what they do and thinking of them as not just a work of art but people like me.

"In my opinion that is what makes this so special. They are alive in their story. And to have so many great works (literally tons) we have had a hand in on beautiful Kauai with the Monastery and Na Aina Kai is something words can't describe and I can't think of a better place.

"It is all perfect. Much Love and many thanks to all on this journey we share.


The Creation and Blessing of Satguru’s Holy Chariot

We present a complete slideshow of the Siddhidata Kulam's creation of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's new procession chariot which was first used on this past Satguru Purnima. The ensuing weeks before the big day involved *a lot* of work on the part of the Siddhidata Kulam to ensure it would be completed in time. For them, we are thankful.

Iraivan Drainage Installation

This week Iraivan Temple is having it's main drainage system installed. The system is built for the heaviest of Kauai's rains and will take water from the foundation and channel it away, thereby helping to prevent erosion. The team doing the installation is headed by Pradeep, an expert machine operator and a local friend of the monastery. Pradeep and his crew have been working for several days now, installing the small pipes that connect to the foundation and the large pipes to which they flow. This system won't be up and operational until the flooring installation atop the slab is complete, but this is the order that the work must be completed in. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Repairing the Walkway

Over the last several days Nirvani Nilakanthanatha has been working to repair the walkway that leads from Kadavul Temple towards the Media Studio. Over the last several years this part of the walkway has been broken and lifted by one of the palms around the temple tank. The palm here is one that was removed recently because of the damage and also because it was a public safety hazard for those visiting the temple.

After Sawing into the rootball to reclaim the sidewalk, Nirvani removed the old, broken quartzite pieces and cleaned up the carpet of roots that had grown under them. He is now nearly complete with the final placement and laying of the new quartzite. Om Namah Sivaya.

Performing Seva

A slightly belated post about a recent visit to the Aadheenam by Kanda Alahan who, along with his brother Adi, helped out our in the woodshop for a time.

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