New Roofing

Over the last few days, our neighbor Bobby and his team of Garden Island Roofing, have been working to replace the old roof above Bodhinatha's office and the Siddhidata Kulam's office. The old tile has been in need of replacement for some time. This new roof matches the Media Studio's which Bobby also installed. It also has a delightful copper trim which follows its edge.

Bobby and his team are very professional, laying down new roofing as fast as the old roofing is taken up, ensuring the roof is not left uncovered in Kauai's unpredictable and rainy weather.

Bronze Sculpture is Shipped

We received notice today that the Silpi-at-the-Forge bronze is crated and on its way to Kauai. It's quite an amazing piece. Look at the first and second photos. The first is the pure metal work, and then, with nothing but the power of chemistry, the patineur was able to give it color and life. So much life! Debbie Bakel is our expert's name.

Bengaluru Work Site

Today we received a short report from Jiva Rajasankara in India. As you will remember the team there is erecting a tall wall to minimize noise in the neighborhood. Here is his report:

Aum sivaya,swami.
Here are the updates on the compound wall. Now the present height is 25 feet from the ground. After the completion of the wall, the compound has the feeling of a well established factory.
The last photo is the growth of the bamboo in front of the silpis houses. The bamboo has really grown well and has reached about 10 feet already. It will become about 60 feet in length, and we will need to trim them. AUM.

The Installation of the Media Studio’s Front Doors

The Media Studio's entryway doors have officially been completed and installed. After weeks of careful work the old doors from the building have been completely refurbished and reinstalled side by side. They are made of redwood, with Cook pine panels and brass medallions from India.

With this step the building is finally closed up. Now the only major project keeping the Ganapti Kulam from moving in is the installation of the vinyl flooring, which will happen soon.
This renovation has been a long road, and there is lots more intricate woodwork to be done, but completion is not too far into the future.

Silpi at the Forge

The bronze memorial of Iraivan Temple builders is being worked on in Hawaii and Colorado. In Hawaii, Holly Young is finishing the wax of two silpis on a pillar stone. And in Colorado Debbie Bakel is putting the patina on the Silpi at the Forge. As our slideshow proves, the creative process is dynamic, and the sketches we began with evolved. In particular, Holly made the entire forge! It so gives the authentic feel of the heating of the mild steel chisels over the hot coals. Debbie used special metallic mixes to get the color of fire. Here is the artisan's short notes sent with the photos.

The sculpture was patinaed using the same methods as the other sculptures. I used Acrylic paints and pastewax with oxide powders mixed in layers in to mimic the colors of the oven and fire.

This piece like all of Holly's pieces almost did itself. That means all the textures I needed to make a surface believable were already there, in the bronze.

I especially liked this figure. It must take strength and patience to do this job. Holly captures the strength in the figure's arms and shoulders without making it look like anything is forced. It makes me think the man has done this many times before and is one with the endeavor.

He has a peaceful confident face, another indication that the person is a Master. I love the way Holly finds the beauty in faces and especially eyes.

On April 23rd I will be applying the final wax coat to protect the bronze from your elements. It gives the last depth and I will take nice photos at that time for you.

Until then,

Debbie Bakel

Enjoy the slideshow as our fourth masterpiece nears completion

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