Monks Educational Mission To California

monks leave for Ca

Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha leave home today for the open road of California’s educational highway. The primary goal of their trip is to meet the Sacramento Instructional Quality Commission to discuss the standards for presenting Hinduism in California schools. Stay tuned for more updates…

Bodhinatha’s Sun One Upadesha for the Past Month

Bodhinatha Speaking in Kadavul Temple, Hawaii

We have caught up with processing Bodhinatha’s recent upadeshas. You will enjoy his fascinating commentaries on Patanjali and various issues relating to spiritual unfoldment.

Our monastery’s first-ever webinar

Hawaii is far away, and Satguru Bodhinatha has been wanting to embrace online satsangs (webinars) and video conferencing for quite some time as a way to be in touch with our Saiva Siddhanta Church sishyas more frequently. He finally conducted his first webinar on Sept 27.v Here are some screenshots of this first trial run.

Bodhinatha’s Recent Upadesha — Understanding Reaction

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami
Don't forget to check the bottom of the page on TAKA to see if a new audio upadesha has been released. In the above Sun One upadesha, Bodhinatha gives us very powerful and practical look at emotional reactions. Click here to read the transcript: Understanding Reaction; Staying Cool and Calm

Denver Trip, Part 1

On Thursday, Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha began their journey to Denver, Colorado to attend the Uberoi Conference. The annual conference is a time for experts from the four Dharmic faiths, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, to come together and share ideas. The Foundation also gives grants for worthy projects, such as the one which sponsored our recent History of Hindu India film.

Our monks first flew to LA for a night, taking another, shorter flight the next day straight to the Rocky Mountain State. Upon arrival in Denver they made their way to Naropa University in Boulder. The first evening's event was a talk given at Naropa by Boston University's Professor of Buddhism. It was attended by students, community members and Uberoi's panel of experts. The next day was the main event, also held at the University. It too was attended by some local community members, who had come to hear the lectures given by the Uberoi Experts. It began with a blessing from our two monks, followed by a talk by Rajiv Malhotra of the Infinity Foundation. Throughout the day over 20 speakers gave their thoughts on this year's theme of "compassion."

The next day included presentations on the progress of various, foundation-funded projects, which included a showing of the History movie. The movie was very well received.

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