A Gift for Malaysian Seekers

They have done it again. The Malaysian members have pushed through a strategic project that would warm Gurudeva's heart and is dear to Bodhinatha's educational outreach initiatives.

They designed and printed the famous Four Facts of Hinduism in Tamil and Malay. Today a small package with several dozen of each reached Kauai's shore and were offered to Bodhinatha for his blessings. They printed 15,000 of each of the pamphlets, under the guidance of Maruthu Dharmilingam.

The plan is to distribute them around the nation, to educate the public about the shared beliefs of all Hindu lineages and traditions: karma, reincarnation, all-pervasive divinity and dharma. The sweet paintings of S. Rajam sit like little gems on the pages, and a Vedic quote is offered to show the original scriptural source.

Great job, everyone!

A Local Class Tours the Aadheenam

Recently, a class of local school children visited the monastery. The school's curriculum is very unique, all being taught in the Hawaiian language until 5th grade, after which it continues with an hour of it each day. The childrenĀ had a tour out to see Iraivan Temple. On the way they did a beautiful Hawaiian chant at the flag pole. It is rare these days to hear the Hawaiian language spoken. Following their tour they had a question and answer session with one of the monks. The group asked many good questions about the monastery and how it functions, and were particularly interested in why one might become a monk. Afterwards they had a chance to enjoy Kadavul Temple, many of them writing notes to the devas before ending their day's visit.

Bodhinatha’s Presentation in Sydney, Australia

This is Bodhinatha's forty-minute presentation to answer the question posed by many Hindus "What should I practice."

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