Growing Trees

Across the river at Himalayan Acres, our recent hardwood plantings are growing steadily. As you may remember the whole monastery teamed up several months ago to get these little trees in the ground. They are mostly Koa trees, with Sandalwood interspersed among them. Because it can get rather windy here, each seedling has received a blue sleeve which will keep them protected. They also each have a square weed mat around them. This will ensure that they to not get overcome by the area's tenacious guinea grass.

Garden Day!

Yesterday was the Siddhidatta Kulam's weekly garden day. The team of monks joined together to sprout seeds, plant beds, add compost and other nutrients to the soil, weed, mulch and harvest today's lunch. Thanks to an orderly system of maintenance the garden needs to be worked on by the whole kulam just once a week in order to go on producing all the vegetables we need.

Guruthondu Day Tree Planting

Every quarter the monastery observes Guruthondu day. On this day the entire monastery gets together and pushes forward on a single project that the guru decides on. Yesterday morning, following their meditation, the monks geared up with their boots, water bottles, gloves and sunhats, then drove to Himalayan Acres across the river. We've been working hard to prepare many acres of land for hardwood planting, and yesterday a large part of that initiative moved ahead. Overall the monks planted 1,400 koa seedlings throughout one of our freshly tilled fields. We will also have some sandalwood trees planted intermittently throughout this field. One day these trees will be a whole forest of very special hardwoods. Jai Ganesha!

Abundance In Our Gardens

Our mighty Siddhidata Kulam have brought in another abundant garden harvest. Believe it or not this food will be almost completley used up in the next two days.

Wingbeans and Double Digging

With the extra help from taskforcers and karma yogis, the Siddidatta Kulam has been making steady progress in a variety of areas, including the upper and lower gardens. On Sun 1, the team did their weekly upkeep of the garden and then proceeded to weed the wingbean fence, which has started its abundant cycle of production. Another important project they've been working on is the preparation of our newest raised garden beds. While having raised beds has proven to be one of the most effective gardening techniques for use in our environment, it can have issues. When heavy rains fall, the beds have the potential to fill up with water, unless the hard clay beneath them has been properly broken up. We call this clay-breaking-up process "double digging." It is an excellent way to get your day's exercise.

"What is Saivism? We are devotees of Lord Siva and we are doing Sivathondu--that is Saivism" Yogaswami

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