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Sharing the beauty of our island and Kauai Aadheenam is challenging. A normal camera can only begin to capture what the eye sees. Aerial photography is famous for giving us big dynamic views of the world. In the old days it would cost a mini-fortune to hire a helicopter, professional photographer just to go up for a few minutes of video or still shots.

Well that's all changed in the 21st century. For a few-hundred dollars anyone can buy a small drone and send your camera up. The monks only realized this recently when a local man showed us amazing footage he was taking with a small helicopter only about 18 inches across! We decided to invest in this ourselves instead of paying big bucks for professional photographers. Now Sadhaka Mayurnatha and Siddhanthaswami are taking the lead in our aerial photography initiative.

Today we bring you some ove views of the land we have across the river called Himalayan Acres, which is an agriculture endowment for Kauai's Hindu Monastery. Pan around to see everything.

The Monastery Garden

The Monastic garden is quite abundant this time of year, filled with kale, okra, eggplant, lettuce, cabbage, ginger, bush beans, peppers, green onions, sweet potatoes, basil and much, much more. As always the SK does a wonderful job of maintaining the garden beds, which happen to hold some of the richest soil on our clay-covered island. Recently the garden team has been working with small amounts of plastic mulch for the new plantings which reside outside the main garden. Without good protection these small plants would be encroached upon by the surrounding jungle and tenacious grasses.

Kauai Farm Fair

Each year the Kauai Farm Fair is held in Lihue. The fair draws thousands of people, and is the largest annual event on the island. This year Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha took our taskforcer Tirtadeva to experience the festivities. The fair included many stalls who were selling their produce and wares, carnival rides, games, food and of course the produce, flower, and bonsai tree competitions.

Garden Day

On the second day of each phase the SK garden team spends all day focused on food production. The first half of the day is spent in Annapurna Garden tending to the soil, planting cabbage, sweet potatoes, cilantro, lettuce, Diakon radish and much more. The second half of the day is spent attending to our two pumpkin patches. Each patch requires monthly weeding. During the weeding we find many ripe pumpkins hiding in the tall grass. Thank you Bodhinatha for the blessing of fresh organic food, Jai!

Noni Picking

During this last retreat, Acharya Arumuganathaswami, Sadhaka Tejadevanatha and task-forcer Adi Srikantha, traveled across the river to the monastery's Noni feilds to harvest fruit. It will be fermented and later pressed to resupply the monk's dwindling stores of this incredibly medicinal juice.

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