Garden Produce

We keep a record of the weight of our garden harvests and how much we use. Our daily monastic consumption of vegetables has been increasing while the consumption of rice and other starches and carbohydrates has decreased. We find that often people who eat a lot of processed food and starches will not appreciate the taste of the vegetables, but as they switch over to eating fresh vegetables the more they discover and appreciate the rich taste.

This Day's Harvest:
Swiss chard 16 lbs
Green beans 16 lbs
Chaote 39 lbs
Purple long eggplant 48
White eggplant 9
Luffa gourds 8
Kang kong  6 lbs
Pakwan 9 lbs
Broccoli 2 lbs
Cabbage 10 lbs

Creating New Garden Beds

Over the past few weeks the Siddhidata Kulam has been working to create forms for the twelve new garden beds which are being added to the monastery's vegetable garden. The wooden forms are almost finished, which will allow for one big cement pour. Making it all happen in just one pour will allow a truck load to be ordered, saving the kulam countless hours of hand-mixing cement. Once the beds are finished, they'll have the potential of increasing the garden's production by roughly 20% or 30%.

Garden Day

For one day every phase, the Siddhidata Kulam spends their time in the Monastery's gardens. They've worked out a wonderfully thorough system, by which they plan ahead and keep track of all the garden beds, making what could be a very difficult job, much easier and efficient. Though the rain on this garden day made for a soaked morning for the monks, the plants sure loved it. The Garden provides all of the monastery's vegetables, all organic and all picked fresh, just hours before they are cooked.

Mountain Top Consciousness Views

Sharing the beauty of our island and Kauai Aadheenam is challenging. A normal camera can only begin to capture what the eye sees. Aerial photography is famous for giving us big dynamic views of the world. In the old days it would cost a mini-fortune to hire a helicopter, professional photographer just to go up for a few minutes of video or still shots.

Well that's all changed in the 21st century. For a few-hundred dollars anyone can buy a small drone and send your camera up. The monks only realized this recently when a local man showed us amazing footage he was taking with a small helicopter only about 18 inches across! We decided to invest in this ourselves instead of paying big bucks for professional photographers. Now Sadhaka Mayurnatha and Siddhanthaswami are taking the lead in our aerial photography initiative.

Today we bring you some ove views of the land we have across the river called Himalayan Acres, which is an agriculture endowment for Kauai's Hindu Monastery. Pan around to see everything.

The Monastery Garden

The Monastic garden is quite abundant this time of year, filled with kale, okra, eggplant, lettuce, cabbage, ginger, bush beans, peppers, green onions, sweet potatoes, basil and much, much more. As always the SK does a wonderful job of maintaining the garden beds, which happen to hold some of the richest soil on our clay-covered island. Recently the garden team has been working with small amounts of plastic mulch for the new plantings which reside outside the main garden. Without good protection these small plants would be encroached upon by the surrounding jungle and tenacious grasses.

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