Planting Palms

Over the retreat several of the monks and Adi went over to Himalayan Acres to plant palms. These Areca Palms are just a few hundred of the eight hundred that we intend to plant.

Veggie Healthy

The monks drove up to the kitchen around 9am this morning with five five-gallon buckets full of the freshest organic produce:
Swiss chard, tomatoes, Jester lettuce (2 kinds), squashes and brocolli. When humans eat like this, they require no other prescriptions.

Abundant Monastic Gardens

This month the monks have been bringing in piles of swiss chard and kale for the kitchen. All this beautiful food was grown by the monastics in the gardens.

Bountiful Harvest!

Our Siddhidata Kulam works hard to keep the flow of fresh organic produce coming to the kitchen. This years winter crops were quite successful

Himalayan Acres Sandalwood Planting

On Guha Day two of the monks planted 33 native Hawaiian Sandalwood trees. The plan is that these trees will provide seeds for future tree planting. Hawaiian Sandalwood is quite difficult and expensive to acquire. Seed production will occur in roughly 5 years.

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