March Padapuja

This morning the Aadheenam observed its monthly padapuja to Gurudeva, which takes place on the chitra nakshatra. Monks and devotees gathered in Kadavul Temple in the early morning and Natyam Rajanatha and Natyam Nandinatha performed the puja. Some of monks chanted Sri Rudram, while others dove within themselves and within the loving energy flowing forth from Gurudeva's shrine. As is the norm, once Sri Rudram ended the rest of the puja was done in silence, with nothing but the sound of the morning birds and the trickling waters of the abhishekam. Jai Gurudeva!

"If yoga is truly performed, we graduate with knowledge based on personal experience, not on what someone else has said. We then take our place among the jnanis--the wise ones who know, and who know what they know--to uplift others with understanding in sadhana and in yoga." Gurudeva

Siva Vision Day

This morning, monks and devotees gathered and the Svayambhu Lingam for a short puja and meditation to honor the day in February of 1975, when Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami had the powerful vision of Lord Siva which led to the creation of Iraivan Temple.

Below is the description from Gurudeva's Spiritual Visions book:

In the early hours of February 15, 1975, lying on a tatami mat in his Ryokan--the simple, oriental room where he slept--Subramuniyaswami was deep asleep. He was in one of those profound states of slumber that are neither awake nor full of dreams, his conscious mind fully absent. In this clear space above physical consciousness, the 48-year-old satguru experienced a three-fold vision that would be the spiritual birth of the great Siva citadel called Iraivan Temple, and its surrounding San Marga Sanctuary.

"I saw Lord Siva walking in the meadow near the Wailua River."

"Then I saw His face peering into mine.

"Then He was seated upon a great stone, His reddish golden hair flowing down His back. I was seated on His left side.

"This was the vision. It became more vivid as the years passed. Upon reentering Earthly consciousness, I felt certain that the great stone was somewhere on our monastery land and set about to find it. Guided from within by my satguru, I hired a bulldozer and instructed the driver to follow me as I walked to the north edge of the property that was then a tangle of buffalo grass and wild guava. I hacked my way through the jungle southward as the bulldozer cut a path behind me. After almost half a mile, I sat down to rest near a small tree. Though there was no wind, suddenly the tree's leaves shimmered as if in the excitement of communication.

"I said to the tree, 'What is your message?' In reply, my attention was directed to a spot just to the right of where I was sitting. When I pulled back the tall grass, there was a large rock-- the self-created Lingam on which Lord Siva had sat. A stunningly potent vibration was felt. The bulldozer's trail now led exactly to the sacred stone, surrounded by five smaller boulders. San Marga, the 'straight or pure path' to God, had been created. An inner voice proclaimed, 'This is the place where the world will come to pray.'"

February Padapuja

Yesterday the monastery observed our monthly padapuja to Gurudeva during the chitra nakshatra. In the early morning, monks and guests gathered in Kadavul Temple for the abhishekam to Gurudeva's black granite tiruvadi. Sadhaka Dayanatha and Nirvani Tejadevanatha performed the puja. Jai Gurudeva!

"Don't let anyone take your religion away from you. We have to keep developing religion in our mind. We have to keep learning the language of our soul, which is one definition of religion. When religion leaves our mind, something comes in to replace it. What comes into our mind to replace the vacuum when religion goes? Greed, jealousy, hatred, anger, past regrets, despair, self-condemnation. We cease to feel good about ourselves. We are always discontented and restless, and we are always unhappy, jealous, angry and fretful. These are some of the lower emotions that replace religion when we allow religion to leave our mind. There are many people in the world today intent on taking your religion away from you. Saivites have the greatest and philosophically most comprehensive and deeply experiential religion in the world. Saivites have moved their religion forward for five to ten thousand years. At no time in history has the Saivite religion not been on this planet. The Tamil people especially have moved the Saivite religion forward, year after year after year, through bhakti. And it is your religion. It is in your DNA, and no one can take that religion away from you. But you must steel your mind, make your mind strong through knowledge, through religious education." Gurudeva

January Padapuja

Over the retreat, the aadheenam celebrated the chitra Nakshatra with its monthly padapuja to Gurudeva's tiruvadi in Kadavul Temple. Immediately following the Natyam ceremony for Natyam Mayuranatha, the monks gathered in the temple and began Sri Rudram. Sadhaka Jayanatha and Nirvani Tejadevanatha were the evening's pujaris. Oil, milk, yogurt, honey, coconut water and other prana-filled substances were offered at Gurudeva's holy feet. Following Rudram, the puja was done in meditative silence, with just the ringing of a bell and the passing of flame.

"Train your mind to awaken the spiritual being. This is as difficult to do as it is to train a person to dance or to swim, or to accomplish any athletic feat requiring a highly trained body. You have to always be the master, and be attentive to your goals in life." Gurudeva

Gurudeva Speaks of the Mind’s Illusion and Your Duties


We are happy to release yet another golden gem from Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami's audio archives. This incredible upadesha from 1962 is from the inner sky of the Vedic Rishis, but presented by Gurudeva in a language that the public can understand. He explains the illusion of the mind, karma, meditation, dharma, and Self-Realization from the Advaita perspective. He urges listeners to follow the laws of religion, discover and fulfill their duties. The talk contains guidance for mothers and an especially compelling section on how to listen to and understand the language of the soul. Excerpts from the transcript:

"The mind is only an illusion ever creating itself carried forth by its own creations. It is but a dream and we find reality in the mind only from the depths of our memory as we project our fears worries and doubts, hopes and aspirations into the future. Only from the depths of the memory and what you have already projected mentally into the future...The two states of consciousness that we have here, the past and the future if you meditate upon that you can bring yourself into a deeper knowing and actual experience of the eternity of the now. There are many subtle things that take place as you practice yoga and as you fulfil your life in fulfilling your duty and become consciously conscious of exactly where you are in space or where you are in evolution. That is your first realization in being consciously conscious or consciously aware...." Click here to listen along with the full transcript

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