Gurudeva’s 1970 Audio Master Course Is Back!

Chapter One: The Great Story of Awareness


For those who saw this post several weeks ago, and were surprised to see them disappear suddently, we have improved the speed and audio quality and added proper MP3 tags and are now release these as good to go.

Gurudeva’s 1970 Audio Master Course transformed the hearts, minds and lives of 1000’s of spiritual aspirants. Several generations of seekers have passed through these last 4 decades and many have never heard of this treasure. Gurudeva lays out the core metaphysics of spiritual evolution in very simple terms.

We want to give a special thanks Iain Morland in the UK who has professionally restored the digitized versions of these very old audio tapes and brought them forward to good quality MP3 files. Now Gurudeva’s powerful presence feels like he is right with you today!

In 1970’s the sadhana/practice/course was to listen to each one of these 12 tapes 3 times in one week. Then move to the next chapter. The course also had transcripts to read as you listened and took three months to complete. Some young Hindus recently heard some of these talks and were “blown away… awesome!” so the message is ever fresh and ever powerful, 40 years later.

Click here to listen or download to your computer or mobile device

NOTE: Small request for help: In our archives, we are missing a copy of the printed booklet of Chapter One of the course. In the front of each chapter transcript is a message that we have included in the web version, but we need to get that message from the Chapter One transcript book. If you have a complete set of this old course, please open to the first page that describes the meditation, visualization and practice that should accompany Chapter One, type this up and send it in an email to Thank you!

200th Chitra Pada Puja

Today marked the 200th Chitra Pada Puja after Gurudeva's Mahasamadhi on November 12, 2001. And for the 200th time, we all gathered in Kadavul Temple to honor our great Natha Rishi in the form of a heartfelt pada puja to him.

Understanding Others

A Slideshow expressing the lesson titled "Understanding Other People" From Gurudeva's Merging With Siva

Gurudeva’s 194th Chitra Pada Puja

Wednesday marked the 194th pada puja that we've performed for Our Gurudeva since his Great Departure on November 12, 2001, which was 5,301 days ago. Nirvanis Tejadevanatha and Nilakanthanatha officiated the worship as monks, resident guests, and local shishya attended.

Chitra Puja

Namaste everyone, here are some photos from our Chitra puja on April 16. We worshiped Gurudeva's holy tiruvadi and received his blessings for another month of sadhana, discipline and strength.

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