Outing to Kokee

Over the three day retreat, Senthilnathaswami and Nilakanthanatha took our three taskforcers Adi, Vel and Roshan, and our upakurvana, Sivarathna, on an outing to the other side of Kauai. While the east side of the island is lush and green, the west side is much dryer. The group traveled to the town of Waimea, where they took the road up the mountain to see Waimea Canyon. They enjoyed lunch together in Kokee park, visited the Kalalau lookout--which was unfortunately cloudy--and then went for a hike through the mountain forests.

The Kauai Island Farm Fair

Yesterday, three of the monks made a short visit to Kauai's annual farm fair. It is one of the largest events held on the island each year. The fair draws thousands of people from around the island to enjoy the food, carnival rides, animals, crafts, booths and the vegetable, orchid and bonsai competitions.

A Visit From the Kawakini Kindergarden Class

Recently the monastery was visited by the Kawakini kindergarden class. Just a few months ago a Kawakini middle school class also visited. It is a unique school in that until 5th grade, the only language used is Hawaiian.

The class offered a chant to Ganesha at the entrance, had a short tour, posed for a photo at the flagpole and met Kashi, our new bull calf.

Lunch with the Island’s Rotary Club

Yesterday, Satguru Bodhinatha was invited as a Guest to the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay. Rotary International is a service organization whose stated purpose is to bring together business and professional leaders in order to provide humanitarian services, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. Bodhinatha gave a light-hearted, 25 minute talk and spoke about the various ways the monastery gives to the local community, most of which are unknown to many Kauai residents. Bodhinatha also discussed the progress of Iraivan Temple and our agricultural land, Himalayan Acres. The group had very good questions about Hinduism and the charitable works of the Monastery. 

A New Power Plant on Kauai

Today, Arumuganathaswami and Natyam Rajanatha made a short trip to visit the site of the Island's new biomass plant which is under construction outside of Lihue. The plant is the work of Green Energy Team, a company that has cultivated several parcels of land next to the monastery's own Himalayan Acres where we are growing hardwood and specimen trees. Green Energy is growing fields of eucalyptus trees which are meant to fuel the plant. Green Energy stated: "When finished in 2014, it will supply 11 percent of the island's annual energy needs. The plant will have a capacity of 6.7 megawatts and be fueled by biomass from several sources, including short-rotation trees grown on about 2,000 acres and the use of cleared invasive tree species."

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