Recent Guests

Photos from recent visit of Charlie Baker and his friends from the island. Charlie has taken the monks on great hikes around the island, and into Kalalau Valley. In fact, he has visited the famed valley for some 40 years, including spending his 75th birthday there recently. 

Snehan, a Kauai yoga instructor, took the photos during their visit to the Media Studio and the grounds. Snehan brought a marvelous glass-encased orchid for the monastery. 

Local Kauai Families Visit the Aadheenam

Recently, a group of local families (some neighbors of the monastery) visited, and were given a wonderful tour by Durvasa and Isani Alahan. The families have made a habit of going on short trips around the island together to see special places. While here they got to explore the sacred gardens, visit Iraivan Temple and feed our koi fish. Om Namah Sivaya

Hawaiian Hula

A small hula halau came to dance near the Wailua River, especially to chant the famed and historic Pihanakalani Hawaiian chant. They were so grateful to be on the sacred land, to chant and drum and dance with the forest as their witness. They brought a traditional gift for the monastery, wrapped in ti leaves as in days of yore. 

A Wealth of Rain

Last night the monastery had more than four inches of rain again! Wai in Hawaiian means water, and waiwai means wealth. It's true, all life and abundance comes from water.

Doing a damage-control tour just now (none), the monks captured this vista in Rishi Valley, from which you can see four of the 20 waterfalls! And the cocoa colored run-off waters from the deluge.

"No life on Earth can exist without water, and water's ceaseless flow cannot exist without rain." Kural 20

Kauai Farm Fair

Each year Kauai holds its local farm fair, and each year the monastery participates in its own small way. This year the monks were asked to give the opening blessing for the 3 day event. Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sannyasin Yoginathaswami attended. Following a short blessing, which included chanting and reading of quotes from the Tirukkural about farming, the monks presented Roy Oyama and his family with shawls. Roy was being honored at this year's fair for his vast contributions to Kauai's farming community. We also had our Wailua River Noni Juice on display at the Kauai Grown booth which only carries locally produced products.

KURAL 1031
Wherever it may wander, the world follows the farmer’s plow. Thus despite all its hardships, farming is the foremost occupation.
KURAL 1032
Farmers are the linchpin of the world, for they support all who take up other work, not having the strength to plow.
KURAL 1033
Those who live by the plow live in self-sufficiency. All others lean on them to simply subsist.
KURAL 1034
Those whose fields lie shaded by abundant sheaves of grain will see many nations overshadowed by their own.
KURAL 1035
Those who eat food harvested with their own hands will never beg and never refuse a beggar’s outstretched palm.
KURAL 1036
When plowers of the fields stand idly with folded arms, even desireless ascetics will not last long.

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