Hiking in Waimea Canyon

Over the retreat Saravananathaswami, Sadhaka Jayanatha and Cody traveled to the other side of the island for a hike in Waimea. Waimea Canyon is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and is quite extraordinary to behold. The group hiked along a cliffside trail which follows the rim of the canyon and leads to the top of a massive waterfall.

Recent Kauai visitors

A wedding party from Tennessee visited us several times while on Kauai for a wedding, first to join the weekly grounds tour and then again to have darshan blessings from Satguru Bodhinatha. Suvarna and Nilesh got married on May 25th. The priest who performed their wedding on the ocean at Marriott hotel in Lihue also participated with enthusiasm in our Vaikasi Visakam evening puja.

Kauai’s Established Leadership Core Group

As was mentioned two days back, Bodhinatha and Sadasivanathaswami were invited to join a prestigious group of island leaders the other day, made more precious by the spectacular setting in the remote Limahuli Valley...so remote this was Bodhinatha's second visit to that area. And his first visit to the creative home of the Haas family.

The mayor of our island was there, the head of our hospital and our little college, educators and administrators of some of the islands most strategic institutions, incluiding the Visitors' Bureau.

Over breakfast the leaders shared their current work, their challenges and solicited input from their peers. It was such a success they opted to meet every three months instead of four.

Island Public Kickoff Event Yesterday

The monastery was invigted by the organizers of a plan for the future development of land and infrastructure between Wailua and Puhi. We took about 120 collectors' quality plants for those attending, a small gift to the community. To our surprise, we were asked to "Offer the puli (Hawaiian for blessing, usually a chant). The threat of heavy rains kept many away, but it was a success.

Island Outing

Yesterday Sadasivanathaswami took the Param family, Sivanadiyar Jaya and Forrest Miller on an excursion to a local cycad collector. Greg Holzman owns the Pacific Cycad Nursery, and has spent the last 25 years collecting these ancient botanical creatures from all corners of the world.

It all came at an interesting time, just weeks after Martin Mosco, our garden designer, suggested we need cycads in Siva's Sacred Gardens. So, naturally we stumble on a man who has spent his life bringing them to the island.

We saw thousands. Small and giant. Greg is a passionate collector and made our wanderings through his greenhouses fascinating. We will return to select which of these gems is destined for the monastery.

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