Kauai Hula Dancers Visit

Yesterday a hula halau of eight dancers dressed in traditional costume, lead by Kuulei, received permission to perform their ancient dance and chant near the Nani Kauai pond and falls. The chant is an ancient one in their culture, and they clearly took great joy in this offering, a rare one indeed. Thank you, all, for bringing this cultural richness to the aadheenam. In olden days, aadheenams were the cultural repository for Saiva communities.

An Outing to Kokee

Over the retreat a few monks and several church members and pilgrims went for a hike up in the mountains. To get there one must drive to the other side of the island, then take a long and windy road up the mountain. The group first stopped to see Waimea Canyon and then headed for the trail. They decided to hike one of our favorites, the Berry Flat trail. As its name suggests, it is covered in a variety of edibles such as blackberries, guavas and wild passion fruit, the trail is also a restively relaxed venture. One of the monks loves to take pictures of the many varieties of mushrooms on our diverse little island, and as as you'll see he found some rare ones.

A Hike up the Kuilau Trail

Following Gurudeva's 12th annual mahasamadhi celebration, several of the visiting pilgrims and local members hiked the Kuilau Trail along with some of the monks. At the picnic area at the top, they had a mountian-top meditation and a restful lunch.

Our Kauaian Sky

Although rainbows are a common sight here on our little island, especially in the early morning, it is rare to see one created by the setting sun. This double rainbow was such a rarity, highlighted by the light from the evening's orange sunset.

Interfaith Roundtable Kauai

Most communities in America have an interfaith initiative, and Kauai's is called the Interfaith Roundtable. Religious leaders of the island meet in various places to share and strengthen cooperation among religions here, and today the meeting was at the monastery.

Vel Alahan, who is the treasurer with Bodhinatha's blessings, took them all on a tour of the temple and grounds and then they sat for 15 minutes with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami, who shared with them the story of the monastery's work to make changes in the California textbooks for 6th grade students. It's quite a tale.

They asked interesting questions: Is it easier to realize the Self working in a spiritual community or by one's self? Do your solar panels cover all of your electrical needs? (Answer, no just 35% or so).

Afterwards, they met among themselves for the regular meeting. Such a delightful, spiritual group.

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