Interfaith Roundtable Kauai

Most communities in America have an interfaith initiative, and Kauai's is called the Interfaith Roundtable. Religious leaders of the island meet in various places to share and strengthen cooperation among religions here, and today the meeting was at the monastery.

Vel Alahan, who is the treasurer with Bodhinatha's blessings, took them all on a tour of the temple and grounds and then they sat for 15 minutes with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami, who shared with them the story of the monastery's work to make changes in the California textbooks for 6th grade students. It's quite a tale.

They asked interesting questions: Is it easier to realize the Self working in a spiritual community or by one's self? Do your solar panels cover all of your electrical needs? (Answer, no just 35% or so).

Afterwards, they met among themselves for the regular meeting. Such a delightful, spiritual group.

Last Night’s Sunset

Over the past week we've been seeing glorious sunsets like this one. Interestingly, many have held resemblance to volcanic activity, some recent sunsets even looked like red smoke, rising from Waialele's long-dormant center.

A Hike on the Napali Coast

Recently three of the monks and Tirtadeva went for a hike on the Northern coast of the Island. The trail takes you along the coastal cliffs, and stretches 11 miles before reaching Kalalau Valley, a place held sacred by the Hawaiians. The group of course didn't go the full 11 miles, but was content to go two miles in and out which leads you to a wonderful beach at the two mile mark.

Outing in Kokee

Each year the monks take three days during the Full Moon to do nothing on our lovely little island. Over the last retreat, six of the monks headed up to the mountains for three nights at Kokee's Camp Sloggett. They hiked through the beautiful mountain forests, meditated to the silence of nature, and sat together around the camp fire to talk about deep things. The monks live busy lives of service, often filled to the brim with their seva. These few days at the rural lodge were a great chance to practice the art of being rather then doing, which Gururdeva felt was so necessary to our lives. 

Hiking in Waimea Canyon

Over the retreat Saravananathaswami, Sadhaka Jayanatha and Cody traveled to the other side of the island for a hike in Waimea. Waimea Canyon is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and is quite extraordinary to behold. The group hiked along a cliffside trail which follows the rim of the canyon and leads to the top of a massive waterfall.

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