Mauritius August Natchintanai Bhajan Satsang

Here is our Mauritius Natchintanai Bhajan Satsang group gathered at the Saiva Siddhanta Church Dharmasala in Mauritius.

Mauritius July Ganesha Homa

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Our July Homa had more devotees than the previous months, may be because of the lovely cool weather at the Park. The Police had a very busy time controlling the traffic n the main road leading to the Park. This month we had our usual flow of activities, and the inspired talk of the Guru was on the Five Shaktis of Lord Ganesha. We had three large containers of Amlaki fruits harvested at the Park and sold to devotees. We share a few photos...

May Ganesha Homa at our Mauritius Spiritual Park

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Mauritius Monthly Seminar

Click here for more photos and description of the Himalayan Academy seminar this month

Our Mauritius March Ganesha Homa

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