The Guru Chronicles Audio Book Completed!

flash-drive In honor of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami on the occasion of his 2014 Mahasamadhi observances, and for a joyous 2014 Deepavali event, Himalayan Academy Publications is proud to announce the release of The Guru Chronicles Audio Book. Nearly two years in the making, we offer 23 hours of a fabulous audio from the dramatic voice of Hollywood voice actor Raj Narayan, (voice of the Indian Penguin in Happy Feet 2) on a USB flash thumb drive. Available now at (click)

Click here to listen to the introduction right now. Besides the audio files (mp3’s) the drive contains other extras:

  • Unabridged audio book (MP3 files) — over 23 hours of dramatic reading by Raj Narayan
  • Complete PDF and e-book editions of
  • the 814-page volume including all of
  • the beautiful illustrations by S. Rajam
  • 41 high-resolution art files
  • Gurudeva photo gallery
  • Vintage Gurudeva audio (pronouncing shum!) and video clips
  • USB drive is Mac and PC compatible
  • Order Now! Click to go to our web store

Gurudeva’s Books On Display at Lihue Airport

Carol Yotsuda, executive director of the Garden Island Arts Council and a designated Kaua'i (as well as Hawai'i) Living Treasure, has completed a display of books by Kauai authors at the Lihue airport. She included the Trilogy and pictures of Gurudeva and the swamis on the wall of author photos. She writes:

Aloha All

Last night I put up the last signs and added the late books so the "Kauai Library - Books and Authors of Kauai" Display is done. The display is in secure concourse area and the Hawaiian Airlines end of the airport, so you can see it only when you travel.

Thank you for your participation; display should be up until late January.
Garden Island Arts Council Web Site

A Visit from Dinanatha

Dinanatha is currently visiting the island, on pilgrimage from Russia for this year's Mahasamadhi celebration. This time he brought us samples a monumental work: a full color edition of Dancing With Siva translated into Russian. The book is beautifully printed, and we're happy to say that Dinanatha is planning to continue his work to create future translations of our other publications.

“Devotees’ Love” English Version of Natchintanai Anbar Anbathu

Satguru Siva Yogaswami

Years ago we had a number of Natchintanai songs in English. Because those translations were inaccurate, we have not been promoting them. But the demand to have these songs in our modern vernaculars is very high. Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami has been working closely with a small team to bring out new, accurate versions. The goal is to have lyrics that have a poetic quality and sing well. At the same time we must be as true as possible to the original Tamil. English is not as flowing as Tamil so this can be challenging. On the other hand we do not have to worry about long or short vowels in English. Sheela Venkatakrishnan and Gayatri Rajan helped with an initial lyrical rendering. Swami worked on this some more and then reviewed it carefully with Rishi Thondunathan, who in turn sorted out some verses with V. Muralitharan, the present caretaker of the Sivathondan Sociey in Jaffna. Murali was close to Sivayogaswami's senior devotees as a young man, at a time when they would discuss the Natchintanai songs and so he has good insights into the proper meanings. So now we have a very authentic English version for all to learn. Click here to get the lyrics and follow along. Devotees' Love

Monks with Computers

This afternoon, the Ganapati kulam is hard at work on their digital and publications fronts. Currently, the next issue of Hinduism today is on the horizon as pages are being written and articles edited. More energy is being put into our digital efforts as well. Our Himalayan Academy website is getting some attention with the updating of old content and the gradual addition of our vast stores of media, including music, artwork and historical audio and video.

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