Publisher’s Desk Meeting

Today the Ganapati Kulam was joined by Bodhinatha for their quarterly Publisher's Desk meeting, after nearly two years without one. Since the Media Studio construction is over it's time for the team to really focus on the magazine and our digital publications. This meeting sets the trend for the coming four issues of Hinduism today as the team decides on feature stories and insight sections to pursue. The July issue's contents were also finalized.

Aarti Visswanathan Contributes to Graphics Production

The Ravi and Sheela Visswanathan came to Kauai for an extended mid-winter pilgrimage. For several weeks both their children, Aarti and Mayuresh offered to help during their stay. Aarti worked for the Ganapati kulam on several important graphics projects. This young lady turned 15 in November and she has Super Concentration powers. She worked on three projects: setting titles for the new collection of art we posted to the web: the commissioned work of A. Manivelu. She entered titles and tags into our database for over 800 images. And if that was not enough of a feat, she then did the same for over 1,500 aums. Thanks to this seva, these collections are now highly accessible. After that, she trained in the use of Adobe Illustrator and created 14 borders for future issue of Hinduism Today. Thank you Aarti! This was a great contribution.

“Dancing with Siva” in Gujarati

A talented team has been working for several years to put Gurudeva's legacy into the Gujarati language, an important task when you consider that over 65 million speakers exist all around the globe. It's not easy, as any translator will tell you, but we have two men who have tackled it with a profound pen. In fact, they are doing it all by hand, not in a computer. Several days back we received news they had finished "Dancing with Siva," and we also got a few samples to see how legible they are, so we can have our team in Chennai  type into a computer using Unicode fonts. A tiny glimpse. In the future the book will be printed in India in full color! And it will be online as well.

Your Digital Dharma Donations At Work

A large digital project is coming to a close for our digital team, a project which began almost two years ago. With the donations we get from our yearly drive, the Ganapati Kulam monks have been able to hire Atritex Technologies to convert all of our Educational Insight sections from Hinduism Today into several e-formats including ePub, PDF, and Mobi. Simply find your materials here, or visit our website's "For Teachers and Parents" section.

Our Correspondent in Hyderabad

Today we are editing an article by our journalist in India, Kesava Mallia, and we noticed, at the bottom, a footnote. It was his discovery of our website, and since today we are about half way through our Digital Dharma Drive, and his message is so pertinent to the purpose of our digital outreach, we thought to share it with you. It might even inspire a few to help us enhance our digital presence in the world. Enjoy his take from the other side of the Earth.

One of my students called me yesterday to say that he read about me in the TAKA Blog – and that's when I read the blog for the first time.
I liked  your Daily Blog - TAKA.  It gives great insights on the various initiatives of the monastery--like Travel missions, festivals, Sadhana , etc - and above all about Gurudeva .

It is detailed, very well chronicled and has something for everyone. The most endearing part is that the stories on TAKA give importance to everyone involved in an activity. Even the supporting cast like drivers and photographers get their place under the sun ( through photographs/ slideshows)--which is so heart-warming to say the least.
I must also admit that you have done a wonderful job in scripting the digital strategy for Kauai's Hindu Monastery. I like your whole website as much ….. It's very vibrant and soulful--spiritual in thought yet contemporary in appeal – truly global.  While going through the website I came to know of innovative Initiatives which you are running like Innersearch Travel Study and Global Fellowship & Initiation. I found it all quite unique and powerful. What's even more encouraging is that website very beautifully complemented by You Tube, Twitter and Face book. I particularly liked watching the series on Guru Lineage on YouTube.
In my journalism career spanning 32 years, I have been privy to many a websites and digital strategies of spiritual organizations (in a very small way)– but yours is truly remarkable. It is designed for maximizing your reach to seekers and Hindus alike--which is the  only way to spread the message of Hinduism!
Wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous 2015 by the grace of Gurudeva. I have learnt from you that one can serve through Blogs also.
God bless and be well

In Happiness and Peace,

R Kesava Mallia

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