The Key Features of Hinduism


“What is Hinduism — Key Features” (October 18,2016)

Our new book for youth, The Path to Siva, is going to be very popular. It is on the press now in Malaysia and the ebook versions will be coming soon. It contains 68 key questions and answers for young Saivite Hindus. Bodhinatha continues with his weekly series of commentaries on it’s contents. In this past Sun One talk, he elucidates the four key beliefs in Hinduism, the three pillars of Sanatana Dharma and Gurudeva’s three stages of faith. Primary to Hinduism is the key belief that God is within each of us. To have a well-rounded understanding and experience of Hinduism, to make spiritual progress, adhyatma vikasha, we need scripture, humility, temple worship, devotion. To fully experience God we need the guru to give the spark for meditation and deeper wisdom.

Path to Siva, Chapter 5, What is Hinduism?

To the Father, To the Mother Mangalam (English Natchintanai)

Satguru Siva Yogaswami

Paramamesthi Guru Siva Yogaswamigal was a master songster. Singing to God was for him the panacea for the ills of his devotees. Every day his small hut in Columbuturai was full of songs. If devotees requested help, the miracle medicine he gave would be to give them a song that he wrote and sang and then ask them to sing this themselves and through this sadhana invoke Lord Siva’s grace into their own lives. “Don’t ask me…ask God yourself!”

Of course the power of his songs, known as Natchintanai was that everyone who sang them understood their meaning and through this they could visualize and manifest the “bhava” that divine feeling of transformative devotion that rises up in the heart during intense devotional practice. Because the current generation does not know Tamil, they no longer have access to this spiritual medicine. We now have a few songs in English. Though we can never match the beauty of the original, still there is power in being full cognizant of what you sing as you sing. Please enjoy this very popular Natchintanai in English. You can go here to download the audio and copy the lyrics. Thanks to those who collaborated in refining the translation, which works to be lyrical, poetic and yet true to Yogaswami’s original meaning in Tamil. Yogaswami said “Sing to melt the very stones. Worship until you fall into trance like a mad person in bliss!”

All About Kauai Aadheenam in Tamil

Cover of Tamil book

We are pleased to release a publication in the Tamil language which tells the story of Kauai’s Hindu Monastery Of America. This was researched and authored by Shanmugam Bhaskaran as for his dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Special) in Department of Hindu Civilization in the Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.

We encourage our TAKA viewers who would like to share more about Kauai Aadheenam with Tamil only reading audience to share this post with others in India and Sri Lanka.

The PDF and ePub may be downloaded by clicking here or you can go directly to the page to read on the web now by clicking here.

Bodhinatha’s Sun One Upadeshas (May 30th, 2016)


Bodhinatha’s Latest Upadeshas:“Instinctive, Intellectual, Superconscious Mind” (May 30,2016)

The Hindu point of view. Everyone has a three-fold nature: instinctive, intellectual and superconscious. Everyone is a divine being. Everyone has the seed of divinity. See what phase of the mind we’re in and practice controlling it. Once the instinctive mind is under control then we have to deal with the intellect. Temple worship, devotional worship is very helpful. Without God’s grace, God’s blessings, everything coming out from God, we couldn’t do anything.

Master Course, Dancing with Siva, Lesson 48

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Word of the Day with New Underwater Photos

We want to send a special thanks to Arulnageswaran Aruleswaran in Malaysia for sharing his collection of underwater photos to enrich the backgrounds for Word of the Day. Click Next to see more photos. Click the white eye to hide the quote and see the whole photo.


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