New App in Progress

Thanks to our annual Digital Dharma drive donors, we are slowing making progress on a brave new initiative to create a "Mahaapp" for Lord Siva and all Siva's children worldwide. It will be called the SivaSiva in line with this ancient and famous mantra from our tradition. This a sneak preview... full details are top secret until we release betas. it's a huge project because our users have encourage us to make a "one stop shop" app, like they do now in China and Korea (instead of releasing 20 small apps...) Stay tuned. Please continue to give generously to the Digital Dharma Fund to support our extensive development costs.

Andre Garzia Visiting from Brasil

Andre Garzia, software developer from Niteroi, Brasil (across the bay from Rio) has been working in collaboration with Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami since 2004, crafting on our Himalayan Academy web site and digital applications. Much of what you see on our web site is delivered with a web application largely developed under his skilled hands. For the past year he has been working with Mozilla under a Foundation grant to teach web skills to the general community in the Rio de Janeiro area. He has become an HTML Javascript expert. His official contract with Mozilla as the pilot project he was contracted for is over. He's now almost full time on our team, while at the same time kicking off his own small company in Brazil and continuing to volunteer a lot of his time to the Mozilla Foundation Open Web mission goals.

Andre will be with us for one month. The This is his fifth visit. His wife Elisangela, aka "Lily" will be arriving on the 25th to join him for 9 days.

Andre's current mission has been to create a new panchangam app that users can use on the web and on their smart phones, which can be integrated into our new Siva Siva app and also access directly on the web. Stay tuned for more as the new tool unfolds.

A New Tamil Translation

Back in 2009 Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami wrote an editorial for Hinduism Today magazine which was crafted to be an Introduction to Hinduism, especially for those who know little about our vast faith.

A few seekers in Malaysia loved it, and recently translated it into the Tamil language. We offer that translation today, and invite Tamil speaking CyberCadets to share this with friends. It is a most lucid and cogent summary of Hindu dharma.

You can visit the English language version HERE
And the Tamil version HERE

Path To Siva Released on Mahasamadhi

"We need one complete but simple course we can teach for our kids!"

This is a common question, and the Hawaii team teamed up to provide just that. As reported last month, we recently published "Path to Siva; A Catechism for Youth." The hardcover books are available at, and today we announce that the updated digital versions can be found and downloaded HERE.

Please feel free to fetch your PDF, eBook, or Kindle (Mobi) version. We are also including an MSWord DOCX version for teachers who may wish to easily extract text for classroom usage contexts.

New Book For Youth! Path to Siva Released on Maha Samadhi

After years of work that began with Book Four of the Saivite Hindu Religion course, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and the media team have completed a brand new book with 68 questions and answers on Saivite Hinduism for youth. The original Book Four had 35 questions and answers with four different languages. Bodhinatha requested a new version be created with only English. This was to serve as an answer to the often repeated query from numerous parents and teachers: "We need one complete but simple course we can teach for out kids!"

To that end we also reached out to our teachers in four different countries to get a list of additional subjects they felt should be covered because they needed these subjects covered in their classes. As editing began, we realized that one or another concept was missing, and slowly the scope of the book expanded until 68 subjects were included in question and answer form. The design concept was also upgraded to a more modern look and feel to be attract the current generation. We are happy announce the release of this book on Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami's 2016 Mahasamadhi. We know he would be delighted to see his teachings take this new form for the next generation.

The book has already been printed in Malaysia and we have a few copies here. It is gorgeous! The physical copies will not be available until next month in the Minimela store, but in the meantime we have released the ebook versions on line. When the print edition is available we will send another announcement.

Please go here to fetch your PDF, eBook, or Kindle (Mobi) version. We are also including an MSWord DOCX version for teachers who may wish to extract text for classroom worksheet usage contexts.

Click here to down load your copy of: Path to Siva!

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