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Photographer Lakshmi Grace Phoenix has been spending the last few months gradually photographing the Aadheenam grounds for an upcoming Virtual Tour. As part of that work, she recently took these lovely photographs of the Bronze Statues that will be part of the Iraivan Temple Carver's Memorial. These are some timely images, as Sadasivanathaswami will be headed to Loveland, CO in September to meet with all the craftsmen who were part of this incredible creative process. While there he'll be able to give them an idea of how the bronze pieces look in their new lush, tropical home. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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Tour Day!

A few days ago, the monastery held another tour day for our guests. As of last week, our visitors get the opportunity to visit Iraivan Temple as was done in the not-to-distant past. This is thanks to the completion of much of the heavy landscaping work around the Temple. As usual our guest were reportedly bright and friendly, eager to know more about this special place.

"A goldsmith fashions several ornaments out of gold. So God, the great goldsmith, makes many ornaments--different souls--out of the one Universal Spirit."

Have a Blessed Ardra!

Bearing Ganga on spreading, matted locks, the forehead eye sparkling, the breath spirating as tempestuous wind, the immaculate form shining radiant as the clear sky, the holy feet stretching to the ends of Earth, the blemishless heart serving as pedestal, the Vedas chanting aloud of themselves, the right hand that grants refuge and the left hand that grants favors both appropriately gesturing, the nāda sound of drum filling the air all around—thus Siva dances. Tayumanavar 15.4-5

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