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Today was Sivarathna's last full day with the monks before leaving the Aadheenam, having finished his taskforce. As is often the tradition, he gave a going away speech during lunch, expressing his heartfelt appreciation for all he's learned during his stay, an inner and outer education which he will carry forward for the rest of his life. He also wrote a short poem, which references his experiences in each of the four kulams, as well as other unique moments.

Poem for the monks by Sivarathna: Little I knew...

From far far away I came,

On a journey that would not be the same,

To be with the monks and serve at the feet of my Satguru

Little I knew of a wonderful world I just stepped into. 


With Siva's guidance, I built and rebuilt my character 

Always something new to learn from the temple prayer

Working selflessly everyday to serve on an unrelenting routine

Little I knew cooking and chopping would make me so keen


The adventure of life is to grow and learn,

So starting the day with cows and numbers was my turn,

Being surrounded by tech savvy, I had to give my everything,

Little I knew it would be laser etching and world record pricing. 


I long searched to live in harmony with nature, 

All it took was some digging, some weeding and hard labor.

Not afraid to get down and dirty, and lift things sometimes extreme. 

Little I knew, I would be serving with such a team. 


How does hinduism meet the future I wondered,

It takes a small group of visionaries that are really inspired.

Here I was being trained by computer wizards in this microcosm.

Little I knew, work from a small cave could reach all Hindus of the macrocosm.


Your guidance and blessings to me are of infinite worth, 

Endless is my gratitude for having me here where it's heaven on earth.

I reached for the sky, looking down mountains and the magnificent blue,

Little I knew, it would be on helicopter with my Satguru.

Aum Namah Sivaya.



An Unforgettable Stay at Kauai Aadheenam

Sivarathna Manick, who has been at the Aadheenam on our Taskforce program since October, will be leaving in a few days to return home. Today we followed him around the Aadheenam's sacred gardens with a camera, capturing his experiences at the many special spots in our sacred gardens and elsewhere. While here Sivarathna has worked in all of the monastic kulams gaining skills, disciplines and insight, which he will carry with him back into the world.

"You will know Him, if you keep quiet. All your suffering and your disease are for good. You must sweat and fall ill. Don't try to fly because others do. Work and be friendly. Observe and you will understand. Love is God. Truth is God. You cannot see God with your eyes; you must experience God. God is all things; God is everywhere." Siva Yogaswami

A New Phase Begins

This morning the monastics began their new phase after two days of retreat. Today is also the day of Chellappaguru's Mahasamadhi, so his image adorns Siva's feet in Kadavul's inner sanctum. Senthilnathaswami performed the puja, while other monks chanted Sri Rudram and meditated in Siva's depths. Sishya and other guests also joined for worship and blessings through this ancient and powerful ritual. Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami burned the submitted written prayers and following the homa, gave his usual weekly upadesha. He discussed the importance of daily sadhana, even if it is just 10 minutes, as well as the inherent perfection in our mistakes and negative experiences, provided that we learn from them.

"Don't be discouraged when the mind runs wild as you sit quietly and are unable to control it. Don't be discouraged if you find that you are unable to even choose a time to sit quietly for one half hour on a regular daily basis. If you persist, soon all this will be overcome and a firmness of mind will be felt, for it is through the regular practice of sadhana that the mind becomes firm and the intellect pure. It is through the regular practice of concentration that awareness detaches itself from the external mind and hovers within, internalizing the knowledge of the physical body, the breath and the emotions. Concentration of the forces of the body, mind and emotions brings us automatically into meditation, dhyana, and into deeper internalized awareness. The spiritual practice should be reasonable, should not take up too much time, and should be done at the same time every day." Gurudeva

March 2015 News Video

Our March 2015 News Video covers events in February 2015, including: Thai Pusam, Mahasivararti, Siva Vision Day, Iraivan Temple progress in Bengaluru and our Himalayan Academy website's upgraded search function.

The Guru

Last phase Deva Rajan worked with Paramacharya to establish the placement of the concrete foundations that will hold the granite carvings of our lineage. The eight Gurus, from Nandinatha to Bodhinatha, will take up their abode in Narmada Valley. Soon our Tongan team will come to pour the concrete pads.

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