Give Me a Few Good Men

The past few weeks has been a bonanza Task-Force time for our monastery. Task Force is a program instituted by Gurudeva long ago, whereby close devotees may qualify to come work, live and meditate along with the monks. They volunteer to come work, usually at a specific task for a specified length of time. At one point, recently, we were delighted to have these five stalwart souls here, working along with us, all at the same time. Aditya Vinadhara came from Utah for three weeks and worked on finishing touches for the Media Studio, installing soffits under the eaves. Roshan Sivayogum of Malaysia here for three weeks worked mostly on landscaping projects. Jnanideva Cevvel of Edmonton, Canada here for three weeks also worked on the soffits along with Aditya (a task they are working hard to complete before their time is up in a few days). Adi Srikantha of Utah/Washington and other points in the Western USA joined us for three months. His skills were put to good use repairing, maintaining and upgrading our agricultural equipment, from tractors to … well, you name it. Dean Drulias of California stayed with us for the maximum six months, helping with just about everything from landscaping, noni production, managing our MiniMela gift shop and serving in the Media Studio generating publications and web posts. What a great crew! Spirituality, devotion, sadhana and yoga really do work.

His Holiness Sri Sri Jayendra Puri Mahaswamiji Arrives

His Holiness Sri Sri Jayendra Puri Mahaswamiji, successor of Sri Sivaratna Puri Swami known as "Trichyswami," visited the monastery this past week for 3 days. Mahaswamiji was last here in 2011 and previously in 2008. You can see his last visit from 2011 HERE and the previous visit in 2008 HERE.

Today's taka focuses on Mahaswamiji's homa in Kadavul temple which he does during each visit to the aadheenam. This is Swami's 3rd visit to the monastery and hopes to make Kauai Aadheenam the first stop on all of his world tours.

Mahaswamiji is the head of Kailas Ashrama, one of South India's renowned religious institutions. They follow the Sri Vidya tradition and the Ishtadevata of their temple is Goddess Rajarajeswari.

Our Newest Supplicant: Sivanadiyar Kanthanatha

During Skanda Shashti, just following the abhishekam to Lord Murugan, Brahmachari Raguram entered the guru peetham to sit with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and several other monks, to officially take his supplicancy vows. These vows of purity, humility and obedience are the next and final step before taking his vows as a postulant Sadhaka, and becoming an official monk in the order. After reading through and signing his vows, Brahmachari was given the new monastic name of Kanthanatha, as well as a japa mala and a "Namah Sivaya" bracelet. As a Sivanadiyar, Kanthanatha will continue his training in the aadheenam until he is ready to take his monastic vows. Here is an excerpt from his sacred pledge:

The supplicant's foremost objective is to strive for mastery of the charya marga, or path of service. This begins with the avoidance of wrongful actions and the overcoming of base instincts and emotions as he learns to transmute worldliness into the higher states of devotion and selflessness. At this stage on the path, the Saivite devotee is content not to strive for profound spiritual attainments but to work diligently with the faults and flaws that are stumbling blocks on the path, learning at the same time to depend not only on his own resources but on the limitless abilities of the Gods to resolve all difficulties and dissolve all obstacles. In "The Final Conclusions for All Mankind," Gurudeva has said, "In the stage of charya, similar to karma yoga, the devotee naturally awakens a desire to work for the sake of work, to serve for the sake of service. He does this in his daily life and through helping in the temple in practical ways--through sweeping the marble floors, polishing the brass oil lamps, weaving fragrant garlands for the pujas, helping other devotees in their lives and in general through a humble and unseen kind of service." The Supplicancy is a time of profound worship of Lord Ganesha, Lord Murugan and Lord Siva and of deepening commitment and service to Saivite Hinduism and to the Church. It is also a time of study, challenge and inner change. The supplicant is encouraged to strive for the perfection of service and for the monastic ideals of humility, industry and responsibility, renouncing personal needs for the benefit of others. In this service, he should strive for transparency, that quality of anonymous virtue in which the premonastic lives in full harmony with others, remaining centered within and not standing out or disturbing the surroundings. It is this ancient tradition of unseen service and unperturbable stability that the supplicant seeks to emulate, realizing that serving in unheralded ways and renouncing the fruits of even good deeds averts the pitfalls of the spiritual ego and nurtures the state of unpretentiousness. By putting great energy into premonastic life and by serving tirelessly for the benefit not of himself but of others, the supplicant opens himself to the inflow of Lord Siva's grace.

Siddhidata Kulam at Work

Good Saturday everyone, today is the last day of the phase and we are going into a 3-day retreat, but first a few photos of our Siddhidata Kulam working on the monastery's CAT Skid Steer. This full day job was one of the cat's major services.

Roshan Sivayogam Arrives for Taskforce

One of the monastery's most regular taskforce sevaks is Roshan Sivayogam from Malaysia. He will stay for approximately 3 weeks and perform as much seva as humanly possible.

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