Patanjali Yoga Sutra Class

Every few months Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami holds a Yoga Sutra class with our young Sadhaka. This afternoon Sadhaka's Nandinatha, Rajanatha, Mayuranatha, Jayanatha and Dayanatha all gathered in the Guru Temple with Satguru. Satguru continued their exploration of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras with comparisons to Gurudeva's teachings. The class included the intricacies of various types of Samadhi, such as samadhi with form (think savikalpa samadhi), whereby the observer, the observed and the act of observing coalesce into oneness, and samadhi without form (nirvikalpa samadhi) when awareness transcends even the highest experiences and dissolves in the timeless, spaceless, absolute Self. The class continued through a discussion of remolding the subconscious mind into the subsuperconscious mind and on into Patanjali's description of the five kleshas which bind the individual in ignorance. Two important kleshas deeply discussed were attachment and aversion, both of which can be equally binding forces in our lives. Attachment being the residue of positive experiences and aversion the result of negative ones. All in all a fun class for everyone. Om Namah Sivaya!

The Lord With Six Colorful Faces

Today's photo is brought to you by Suzette Barnett, a recent visitor to the Aadheenam. The subject is Lord Shanmuga amidst the banyan tree along Thiruneri which leads to Kadavul Temple. She was the first to discover His multi-colored appearance, which became evident upon the pruning of His banyan tree. One of the consequences of this recent trimming is the drastic increase of sunlight on His form, thus showcasing the aforementioned colors. We see hues of green, yellow, blue, and even some red. These are all the tiny life forms which grow on everything here in warm, wet Kaua`i. In other places, this might be thought of as "dirty," something to be prevented or removed. But here at Kaua`i Aadheenam, we embrace the unavoidable and acknowledge our outdoor Deities as suitable refuge for all of Siva's forms.

In his mystical hymn on Lord Murugan called Kandar Anuboothi, Saint Arunagirinathar implores Lord Murugan,

"Oh Shanmuga! I beseech You to reveal that one mystery called Eternal Truth. Is it Ether? Water? Earth? Fire? Wind? Or is it the dawn of sensory knowledge? Or the ever-reverberating Vedas? Or is it the mind, the abode where I was subdued and won by You?"

June 22 Homa

"Whatever exists and wherever it exists is permeated by the same divine power and force."
Śukla Yajur Veda, Īśa Upanishad 1. EH, 45

Following a 3-day, full moon retreat the aadheenam's mathavasis begin their new phase today. This will be a standard five day phase with a few unique happenings including a webinar with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami for our members, a Yoga Sutra class with Satguru for our young Sadhaka, and travel preparations for Satguru's next trip which will depart at the end of this phase. This retreat, the monastics will observe Iraivan Day, a time when the whole monastery joins forces to help with newsletter mailing, our monthly news update and with fundraising efforts for Iraivan Temple.

Satguru and the monks were joined at this morning's homa by local devotees and visiting pilgrims. Following the final arati, everyone sat down to listen to Satguru's upadesha about how we can help to create world peace by creating peace within ourselves and our homes. The audio for the talk will be online in the coming days. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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Thinning the Banyan

Visitors to the Monastery will now be greeted with a slightly sunnier walk as they make their way up the small path from our entrance to Kadavul Temple. Due to safety concerns for our many guests, we have had the north side of Lord Shanmuga's sprawling banyan tree trimmed. This afternoon we took a few photos of the change, as well as some nice shots of Lord Shanmuga underneath the massive tree.

This is Sun 6 for our monks, the last day of their week, so we will now be heading into a 3 day retreat at the Aadheenam. Om Namah Sivaya.

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