Meet Our New Yogis

During this year's Thai Pusam festival Adinatha and Rajanatha took Yogi vows and supplicated their aspirations in front of God, Guru and Acharyas. They read from the Yogi addendum of their sacred vowbook, received new robes, beads, a bamboo staff of tapas or danda, and the sacred thread called yajnopavita to be worn over the shoulder.
This also marks the time for a two-year retreat away from world events, family and over-externalization. The following captions in the slideshow are quoted from the Yogi Addendum from which the two read aloud for all to hear.

From the Aadheenam Pastures

Every so often our monks take the tractor out to the cow pastures to mow the grass. This keeps weeds at bay and helps to ensure that our beloved bovine get all the tasty fresh green grass that they can eat. Sivanadiyar Kanthanatha offers us some photos of his recent visit with our happy herd. We currently have four cows in our monastery pastures on this side of the river. They are all gentle Jersey cows and include Teta--our youngest, Marvelous (Teta's mother), Salute and Anu. Om

The Many Faces of Siva

While our holiday stream of guests has slowed down a little we are still receiving many friendly faced from around the globe who come for our tour days. Graciously hosted by our Wailua Mission members and by pilgrimaging members such as Jiva and Kanmani, many these recent tour groups have had the joy of visiting Iraivan Temple, a part of the tour which is dependent on construction activity.

The Wonderful World of Whole Wheat

As the holidays simmer down and monastery guests reduce the monks return to their crafts as carpenters, astrologers, morphological plant-lovers, zymologists, inter-web-code transformationers, fruit pickers and pressers, fromageres, dorodangerists and bakers. We small band of brothers take care of this and that seeing that we shape the outer along with the inner.

Today we take quick look at a few creations from our bakers and enjoy the final product of wheat mixed with water mixed with yeast and thrown around the kitchen.


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