On Taskforce

Our taskforcers have been hard at work in their respective kulams. In the Ganapati Kulam, Dean has been working extensively in our digital photo archives, labeling photos based on content for future ease in searching and using our vast repository of images. He's also been able to take a break from the desk to do some weeding outside the Media Studio and in our expansive Noni fields at Himalayan Acres. In the Pilliyar Kulam, Kodiswara has been having fun helping with Mini Mela projects, among other things. Recently he's been helping to unpack and label new items for the Mini Mela's shelves

Recent Visitors

Here are a few photos of our recent guests and taskforcers.

"It is not a question of seeing God. How can a part see the whole? Regard everything as a manifestation of God, and you will realize the truth. The servants of the Lord regard every single thing as the Lord Himself, and they grow in that conviction and realize the truth." Siva Yogaswami

A Little Walkabout

We present to you today but a brief vignette of the aadheenam as it was mid-afternoon. Enjoy.

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