Recent Guests

As is usual these days, the monastery has been seeing a constant stream of new and familiar faces. Here are some of them.

Above is an Island School social studies class, who made their annual visit today to learn more about Hinduism in practice. They are currently studying India in their curriculum. Satguru Bodhinatha answered a number of basic questions about Hindu philosophy and practices.

Setting up for Guru Jayanti

This afternoon, monks and devotees gathered to set up for tomorrow's celebration of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's 72nd Jayanti. The guru peedam is being decorated in preparation for tomorrow's padapuja and the Sun Palace is being decorated for the monks evening dinner together with Bodhinatha.

There is no one greater in the three worlds than the guru. It is he who grants divine knowledge and should be worshiped with supreme devotion.
Atharva Veda, Yoga-Åšikha Upanishad

Guests to the Ganapati Kulam’s Morning Meeting

We've recently had the pleasure of hosting two very special people: Amma Anne Deer and sculptress Holly Young. Amma Anne is visiting from Vashon Island in Washington State. She is the mother of Sadhaka Jayanatha, and therefor, of all the monks. She is here for ten days and has enjoyed exploring Kauai's trails and beaches with Jayanatha. Holly has spent a few days on Kauai and has come to do a photo shoot for the next Iraivan carving model which she will create from wax. This one will include two silpis prying up a heavy stone together. With two models and one of Iravan's heavy stones, she captured the look and feel of that much weight being moved on camera.

Three Satgurus

The Iraivan containers which are on their way to Kauai are currently in Honolulu. Here is another small peak as to what's inside.

To see him, to adore him, to meditate on him, to touch him, to sing of him, to bear his holy feet on humbled head--they that render devotion to guru in diverse ways thus--they indeed walk the San Marga, that to liberation leads. Tirumantiram 1479

October 10th Homa

After three days of retreat, the monks began their new phase with yesterday's homa. Yoginathaswami conducted the sacred ritual, while Sivanathaswami burned the prayers and gave a delightful talk afterwards.

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