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Kodiswara Returns To Malaysia

Kodiswara Selvanathan from Malaysia has just finished his five-month upakurvana taskforce program at Kauai Aadheenam, so he took the opportunity to become a Vidyasishya during our early morning Siva homa in Kadavul Temple. He first took the brahmacharya vrata, then voiced the Yama-Niyama Pledge and Ten-Minute Sadhana Vigil Pledge from the Vidyasishya document. The practices given in these two pledges help provide a balanced life throughout the schooling years, especially when away from home in university.

Before leaving, Kodiswara gave a wonderful testimony to all the monks about how much he enjoyed his stay, noting that he had thought monastic life was mainly worship and meditation, when in fact most time is spent working really hard. We have word that Kodiswara has arrived home safely, and hope his time spent at the Aadheenam working with the monks will give him a solid foundation for the future.

Aum Namah Sivaya. Sivaya Namah Aum

Pyramid Aeroponic Planters

Today our Siddhidata Kulam receive five units of Pyramid Aeroponic planters. There were gifted from Nagarajan Pillay and his family from Victoria, Canada. Our Siddhidata kulam is in the process for building a green house to grow vegetables in, utilizing various methods such as Aeroponics, hydroponics and grow bags. We were also gifted grow bags to experiment growing our vegetables in! We are excited about this and just need to few dry days to finish the greenhouse construction!
It is amazing how well vegetables grows in these Pyramids!

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