Recent Guests

Siva Sivaganesan with wife Manohari and son Ahilan visited for the first time from Ohio, US. They are from Jaffna, Sri Lanka originally and had good conversation with Satguru about his recent visit there, and rehabilitation efforts. They actively study Gurudeva's Master Course trilogy. The family also had a nice meeting with the Ganapati Kulam and expressed their deep thanks for such a wonderful visit.

"If you seek first the spirit within you each day, and make the day a little bit better than yesterday, you flood the spiritual being of you, the real you, through the mind." Gurudeva

Recent Guests

Arundhati Gowda and some family members recently visited from Tennessee. She last visited in 2008, and this time was able to bring her parents who primarily live in Bengaluru. They had darshan with Satguru and spent time in Kadavul Temple and the gardens, which they deeply enjoyed.

Recent visitors

Recent Guests

Selvakumar and Meenakshi with their sons Seyon and Yohan enjoyed their visit to Kauai from Portland, Oregon.

Jai Hanuman!

We recently received this photo from our pilgrims in India. It is a picture of Toshadevi with a monkey at the Hanuman Temple in Pushkar. While there, Isani felt that one of the priests unknowingly channeled a message, meant just for them.

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