Class with Acharya Arumuganathaswami

Our retreat pilgrims gather for a class on the state of the Hindu history work that Acharya has been working on for several years. Acharya gave an informative one-hour talk, starting from the background of the projects history, to present day meetings for change. Swami ended on an uplifting note saying that history book material is ripe for change and educators are coming around. Swami will be traveling in the beginning of May to the Bay area, Los Angeles and Sacremento to spread awareness about the ongoing struggle of outdated schoolbook material and present the new material that the monks created.

Photos From One of Our Pilgrims

We recently received these photos from Tina Desai who is here on Pilgrimage from Canada. She's been attending the Ladies' Retreat while here.

Recent Visitors

Recent Visitors

Umasankaran, his wife Geetha and their daughter Anika made their first visit from Edmonton, Canada. Anika's first birthday was on the 14th. Umaskankaran recently completed our formal Master Course Supervised Study.

Vijay and Sushma Pallod Visit from Houston Texas

Vijay and Sushma Pallod   Bodhinatha and the monks were delighted to welcome Vijay and Sushma Pallod from Houston, Texas, a few days ago. We have been working closely with them for some 25 years, and this was their first--long overdue--visit, so we were all very happy to see them, and for some of us, to finally meet them. He has dedicated every spare moment of his life to Hindu causes. He has been an active supporter of Hinduism Today magazine since our first contact with him, sponsoring full-page advertisements in Hinduism Today in favor of various Hindu institutions and charities, and promoting and distributing the magazine in the USA and India. The enthusiastic and consistent support has made him a much appreciated friend of Hinduism Today and our staff. Sushma has dedicated her life to keeping the Hindu culture alive at home, especially in her 3 children. Now that they are grown up, she is more active than ever in Hindu community affairs, organizes an annual Hindu summer camp and is a go-to lady for other mothers who strive to keep up their Hindu family culture. Thank you Vijay and Sushma for your fine example and the untiring support!

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