Thiruarumugam Visits Kauai from Sri Lanka

This is a much belated post on a visit by Thiruarumugam from Sri Lanka who came to Kauai with Thondunathan in December. Thiruarumugam is the current head of the Siva Bhoomi Trust in Sri Lanka that has been doing so much service in various areas of the north. He came to US to visit various communities. Presently he and Thondunathan are back in Sri Lanka. The Yogaswami statue that traveled the world and returned to Sri Lanka is currently with the Siva Bhoomi trust in Jaffna.

Family Reunion

Sri GV Chellam visited us ten years ago on his 80th birthday, and requested his children and their families to bring him back to celebrate his 90th birthday, so here they are! His daughter Jothika and her husband Anantha Manepalli hosted Satguru Bodhinatha at their home some time back for a satsang in St Louis, Missouri.

Recent Visitors

Aarti Visswanathan Contributes to Graphics Production

The Ravi and Sheela Visswanathan came to Kauai for an extended mid-winter pilgrimage. For several weeks both their children, Aarti and Mayuresh offered to help during their stay. Aarti worked for the Ganapati kulam on several important graphics projects. This young lady turned 15 in November and she has Super Concentration powers. She worked on three projects: setting titles for the new collection of art we posted to the web: the commissioned work of A. Manivelu. She entered titles and tags into our database for over 800 images. And if that was not enough of a feat, she then did the same for over 1,500 aums. Thanks to this seva, these collections are now highly accessible. After that, she trained in the use of Adobe Illustrator and created 14 borders for future issue of Hinduism Today. Thank you Aarti! This was a great contribution.

Recent Pilgrims

Photos of some of the many special guests we have been receiving during the holiday season

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