Performing Seva

A slightly belated post about a recent visit to the Aadheenam by Kanda Alahan who, along with his brother Adi, helped out our in the woodshop for a time.

More Photos of Recent Guests

The Tale of Two Pujas

We have a short slideshow for everyone today. Recently some pilgrims came to worship, and worship they did. The Naramada lingam is a serene spot to perform abhishekam as Gurudeva watches over you. Some monks captured the aftermath of the ceremony. Murugan follows with his own glory as we see the aftermath of one monks 6am puja.

Recent Pilgrims

Ravi and Archana Vannela making first visit from Arizona, with daughters Aditi and Amogha. They are staunch members of the Mahaganapati Temple outside Phoenix, which they say is expanding nicely, with increasing attendance and a loyal group of volunteers. They just hired a third priest last month.

A Few More Recent Pilgrims

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