Summer Vacation Guests

The temple is busy every day with people from all over the world coming during the summer vacation days. Here are two recent tours (Panoramas... scroll left and right) Kulapati Vel Alahan has been hosting.

Sudha Krishnan Dances for Lord Nataraja

Sudha Krishnan Dances for Lord Nataraja

Yesterday, dancer and teacher Sudha Krishnan fulfilled her dream of coming to Kauai to dance before Lord Nataraja in Kadavul temple. She lives in San Ramon and is the founder and artistic director of the Nritya Laya Darpan dance school. http://Click here to go to her web site for more info.

Chandra and Ludmila Shekaran On Pilgrimage

Chandra Shekaran, from the Ukraine, has been in touch with Gurudeva's teachings since the late 1990's... over 15 years.
Here is here with his wife Ludmila on pilgrimage for their 31st wedding anniversary.

Chandra S translated Merging with Siva into Russian and met Gurudeva in 2001 on the MS Amsterdam ship when Innersearch was docked at St. Petersburg. In that ship's "Java Cafe" Gurudeva gave him diksha in an informal Namakarana Samskara and he took the name Chandra Shekaran. Since then the Guru's grace continued it's work. Chandra went on pilgrimage to India, completed his Master Course and became an Arul Sishya in 2004. An experienced and well-respected project manager in field of IT systems and telecommunications, he was recruited by a US firm, moved to Texas and then to California, ever advancing in his goals to be close to our fellowship of devotees. And now, after years of focus and dedication he joined us for Chitra puja in the temple. He is a member of the extended family of Kulapati and Kulamata Easvan and Devi Param.

Murthy Family Visits from Washington DC

Recent Visitors

Meyyappan and Devi, with daughter Parvati and son Arvind, are visiting for the second time from the San Francisco Bay Area after a seven-year gap. This time they brought Meyyappan's father Ramanathan who is visiting them from India. Ramanathan said he lives in the same city near Karaikudi that the late Ganapati Sthapati (original Iraivan Temple architect) was from.

The family enjoys our What is Hinduism book and our assistance to improve the presentation of Hinduism in school textbooks. Parvati explained that when she was in 6th grade, her class was majority Indian and when it came time to study India and Hinduism, the students were getting upset with the poor textbook material. Thankfully, the teacher invited the students to present their own material instead of what was in the book.

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