Recent Visitors

Here are a few photos of our recent guests and taskforcers.

"It is not a question of seeing God. How can a part see the whole? Regard everything as a manifestation of God, and you will realize the truth. The servants of the Lord regard every single thing as the Lord Himself, and they grow in that conviction and realize the truth." Siva Yogaswami

Recent Visitors

Spring Is Here And Siva Comes in Many Forms

Our chilly winter (temperatures drop to as low as 55 at night and 65 during the day... burrrr!) is over. Bright spring days with intermittent showers making for happy bowers of flowers and newly planted landscaping "kekis" (little ones) thirsty for water. Tour days continue to be packed with visitors. Aran Sendan hosted the recent April 27th tour.

Recent Visitors

Recent Guests

The Sunder family recently visited from California, and their family is growing. Dr. Sundar's older son Anthan with his new bride Sayini are in the middle of the first photo, next to Satguru.

Shan Sundar (far right) and his wife Tillaka have known Gurudeva for decades. He is a retired cardiologist and a longtime supporter of Hinduism Today and the monastery. They live in Lancaster, California. They are introducing the next generation of grand children to the monastery lately.

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