August Tour Days

This months we've seen quite a few pilgrims and tourists visit the Aadheenam. As usual the weekly tour days continue to be fully booked. Our local Kauai members do a wonderful job of hosting our guests and introducing them to the monastery's history, publications, gardens and of course, Iraivan Temple.

Kumarappan Family visit from Fremont, California

Many years ago, Mrs. Ulagu Kumarappan attended the Palaniswami temple Gurudeva had established in San Francisco in 1960. Then she attended the Siva Murugan temple in Concord, also established by Gurudeva, in 1986. And a few days ago, she and four members of her family visited our Kadavul temple, here on Kauai.

About 20 years ago, she and a friend, on the occasion of Thai Pusam, undertook a walking pilgrimage from Fremont, where they lived, to the temple in Concord, a distance of about 40 miles.

As the years went by, they repeated the feat and gradually more and more people joined in. This year, about 500 pilgrims left from Fremont, others joined along the way, and by the time they arrived, they were about 1000-strong.

All along the way, well-wishers have established stations where they offer the pilgrims rest, refreshment and encouragement.

Recent Guests

Catching up with a few photos of some recent visitors and pilgrims

Weekly Tour Day Today

Kauai Aadheenam Brimming with Summer Guests

Summer brings 1000's to Kauai and many have their sights set on visiting Kauai's Hindu monastery. With school vacation, it is a time when families can travel together so we are seeing many moms and dads with their children.

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