Visit by the Shaolin Wahnam Institute Group

A few days ago, Aran Sendan hosted an international group from the Shaolin Wahnam Institute who were on Kauai for an Intensive Chi Kung and Zen course with their Grandmaster Wong, who resides in Malaysia.

The Shaolin Wahnam Institute, a Shaolin Kung Fu, Taijiquan, Chi Kung, and Zen school under Bodhisattva Guan Yin/Avalokitesvara, emphasizing the traditional practice of these arts to enrich daily life and progress spiritually. 

One of the instructors, Sifu Chris Didyk, visited Kauai in May 2013 had a powerful experience of Gurudeva the next morning as a result, which you can read about here:

July 9th Tour

The stream of summer guests flows unabated. Here is today's tour

Chandran and Ludmila Last Day On Kauai

Chandran and Ludmila are both from Ukraine and now living in San Ramon California. They are highly spiritual, and Ludmila is especially attuned to inner things, having several mystical moments while walking the ground. Out on San Marga with Kaivalyanathaswami and Jutikadevi Sivaraja, they had a rare experience as they were chatting about the wonder that was Yogaswami and gazing at his statue near the Swayambhu Lingam. A swamp thrush (Sharma bird) came along and sat on the sage's head and looked at everyone. All knew the story that Yogaswami once told, ("I was meditating so deep, and sitting so still, that a bird was sitting on my head") and so they were amazed at this event happening just at that time. The bird flew off and, as the four people were speculating that perhaps it was Yogaswami himself who had just come to meet and shed his blessing on them, the bird came back and sat on Yogaswami's head again. It was a breathtaking moment, and the group concluded that possibly Yogaswami had come back again to confirm their speculation. "Yes, it is I, indeed," he seemed to say through the bird.

Happy 31st Wedding Anniversary to both Chandran and Ludmila!

Summer Vacation Guests

The temple is busy every day with people from all over the world coming during the summer vacation days. Here are two recent tours (Panoramas... scroll left and right) Kulapati Vel Alahan has been hosting.

Sudha Krishnan Dances for Lord Nataraja

Sudha Krishnan Dances for Lord Nataraja

Yesterday, dancer and teacher Sudha Krishnan fulfilled her dream of coming to Kauai to dance before Lord Nataraja in Kadavul temple. She lives in San Ramon and is the founder and artistic director of the Nritya Laya Darpan dance school. http://Click here to go to her web site for more info.

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