Recent Tours

Panoramas of a few of our recent tour groups, taken with Iraivan Temple in the background.

Recent Visitors

Tamilselvan and Shamala Suppiah from Johore, Malaysia visited us for the first time. Tamilselvan shared how discovering the Loving Ganesha book back in his university days changed his life.
In the third photo we have Dr. Larry Payne (to Satguru Bodhinatha's left) and his yoga retreat group. Dr. Payne specializes in teaching yoga health for mid-life and beyond.

September 14th and 18th Tours

We continue to have our weekly tours completely booked months in advance. September is the height of Kauai's hot summer and visitors are enjoying classic Hawaii weather. School is back in session so we don't see so many youth with parents, but the flow of visitors continues unabated.

Ramachandran Family Visit

TR Ramachandran, his wife Kousalya and son Vishnukanth visited for the first time from Los Angeles. Ramachandran and Kousalya live in Chennai. Ramachandran presented our Kadavul Temple Subrahmanya murti's original silver Vel to our late Gurudeva when he visited Suruli Hills in Madurai, India in the early 1980s. Following Darshan with Bodhinatha and a tour of the temple grounds with Saravananathaswami, the family had delightful lunch with Sadasivanathaswami.

More Recent Guests

We missed including this photo of Srinivas and Lakshmi Reddy family visiting from Missouri a few weeks ago. The other two photos are of Shridhar and Bijal Iyer making their first visit from northern California. They are ardent readers of Hinduism Today magazine for past five years after learning about our involvement in the California social studies textbook issue. They are close supporters of Hindu American Foundation too.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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