Innersearch Sri Lanka 2018 and 2019

Our Innersearch Team stumbled upon this nice aerial compilation of some beautiful spots in Sri Lanka and we thought it would be nice to share with everyone, especially those considering joining us in Sri Lanka on the next Innersearch Travel Study program.

The next Innersearch will be a two-week journey to northern Sri Lanka with fifty participants, scheduled to begin in Colombo, February 19 and end March 1 of 2018. An identical program, also leaving in February, is planned for 2019. On both Innersearches there will be days of classes and visits to the temples and holy places associated with the Gurus of our Parampara. Watch the Innersearch Travel-Study page on our website to see details about costs and about how the program planning is progressing and to submit your application

Recent Visitors

Recent Visitor

The Ganapati Kulam had breakfast with long-time devotees to the monastery, Sunder and Rupinder Arora from Ottawa, Canada. This morning's meeting was on their 33rd wedding anniversary. Sunder and Rupinder have been visiting the monastery every year since 2001! The group had an insightful time discussing current projects, and also had the chance to talk about Sunder's book, Ushering in Heaven. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 3, Awareness: "I am often asked, "Is technology bad? Should we go back to the simplified life of the past?" In the final analysis, technology is neither good nor bad. It is like music; its quality depends on the player. You can either create a symphony or noise. This same technology in the hands of an awakening person can help speed up his or her spiritual growth." The book is available on Amazon

Media Studio Family

We had a wonderful visit this morning with Larry Skanda and Devi marks, brother and sister of Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami. It has been a few years since they last visited, so we had much to catch up on. Their stay lasts a few more days.


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