Tour Days Are Packed

Summer bring many visitors. Aran Sendan conducted a recent tour on June 18th

The Duggirala Family Visits

We felt fortunate to have the Duggirala family of Memphis, Tennessee, all eight of them, visit our monastery this morning. Here they are (along with other guests of the day) enjoying the sanctified headquarters of our Himalayan Academy publications' Media Studio. They met and chatted with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and other members of the staff. Kaivalyanathaswami is showing them the key spots of the monastery, including Iraivan temple precincts where they noticed quite a change, "There was only the cement foundation when we were here last!"
We have known the Duggiralas for a long time; they have been faithful supporters and last year received our Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami at their India Cultural Center & Temple, in Memphis, where he gave a talk.

Homeward Bound Pilgrims

Kaivalyanathaswami enjoys a good-bye-for-now chat with Luisa Vaca in our Wiliwili Mandapam. She is an enthusiastic registered Master Course student who has just completed a month-long pilgrimage here. Today, she is returning to her home to in Castaic, Southern California. "This has been a tremendous time for us," she said. (Her 20-year-old son, Sebastian [not pictured], had joined her for two weeks of the pilgrimage). "It has brought us a lot of clarity and understanding. It's helped remove obstacles and brought us closer to the Deities! We really feel good about that. It was a great experience that taught me the deeper meaning of pilgrimage.
Luisa is originally from Peru and remains close to that country and its culture. In fact, in a few days she will be traveling there with Sebastian on a different kind of pilgrimage, to visit with the ancient Q'ero people whose ways of living and philosophy she finds identical to that of Hinduism and Saivism. Buen viaje, Luisa and Sebastian! We are eager to hear of your experience there.

Recent visitors

Recent Visitors

Malkan Patel and his mother Kusum from Chicago. He brought her to Hawaii as 60th birthday present and found out about us on the way over

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