Darshan for Venkat and Jyoti from Temple Texas

January 2017 News Video

This month's news video covers events from December, 2016, including: the monastery's Pancha Ganapati celebrations, along our many holidy vistors; Iraivan Temple's silver naga is getting closer to arrive on Kauai and our Moksha Ritau change that begins a season of deep meditation, intense study and philosophical discussion. High above flies the coral flag, signaling Parashiva, Absolute Reality, beyond time, form and space. Moksha Ritau is a time of appreciation, of gratitude for all that life has given, and a time of honoring elders, those in the sannyasa stage of life.

Recent Guests

Photos of some of our recent guests who all had an opportunity to have darshan with Satguru. Satguru is often asked many wonderful questions by visiting pilgrims. For those closely associated pilgrims and students who have darshan with Satguru it is always a good idea to prepare and write down any questions you have in advance.

As the Kularnava Tantra states: "Many are the gurus who like lamps offer light in a house. But rare is the Satguru who illumines the village like the sun. Many are the gurus who are proficient to the utmost in the Vedas and shastras. But rare is the Satguru who has attained Parasivam. Many are the gurus on earth who give what is other than the Self. But rare is the Satguru who brings the atma to light. Many are the gurus who rob sishyas of their wealth. But rare is the Satguru who removes the afflictions of the sishya."

Recent visitors

More Recent Guests

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