Visiting The Monastery

Suriyakumar Kumarakulasingam has flown to Kauai for two days to be with the monks, join in today's Pada Puja for Gurudeva and see the progress of the monastery. He attended the Ganapati Kulam's morning meeting and this photo was taken right afterwards. It is Suriyakumar and his wife Rushika who are making Gurudeva's vision of a temple builders bronze memorial possible, and this was his first time to see and touch the sculptures that Holly Young is making and he is sponsoring. 
We learned he is flying to Honolulu tomorrow to be a guest of honor at the 100th Anniversary of a company that he acquired. Suriyakumar co-founded ARC Document Solutions in 1989 and since 2007 has served as its CEO and president. Under his leadership ARC has transformed the construction management industry and opened new fields of digital communication and information management for many industries, especially the building industry. You may remember his son, Seiyonne, was here a couple of weeks back. Welcome, Suriyakumar.

Recent Guests

Makilzhan and Priyabala Shanmugam family were back today with relatives to see more of Iraivan Temple and the grounds

Recent Guests

Somalay and Soundaram Somasundaram returned this morning for darshan. They offered to organize a satsang meeting when Satguru is visiting the east coast of the USA.
The other photos are of a wedding party. Aysha Somasundaram and Tony Long from Chicago were married yesterday morning at the Mariott Hotel and then came up to the monastery for blessings. Priest Kumar Gurukkal, who performs our Gurudeva Mahasamadhi puja, came to perform the vivaha samskara.

Recent Visitors

Makilzhan and Priyabala Shanmugam with their cousin visited this morning from Ohio. They are on the island to attend a wedding. They were last here a few years ago, and before that had the opportunity to attend our late Gurudeva's final Guru Purnima padapuja before his mahasamadhi in 2001.
In the remaining photos are Somalay and Soundaram Somasundaram visiting for the first time from Pennsylvania. They are involved with Tamil Nadu Foundation humanitarian activities as well as the Rajaganapathy temple in New Jersey whose priest, Sivaguru Dikshitar, performed our Kadavul Temple kumbhabhishekam in 1985.

Yogaswami’s World Tour Nearing Completion

On May 29, 1997, there was a grand celebration held at the Kauai Adheenam of Hawaii, USA to commemorate the 125th Birth Anniversary of Sri Lanka's Sage Yogaswami. Disciple of Yogaswami,  Gurudeva Sivaya Subramuniyaswami (founder of Kauai Adheenam), performed the culminating puja of the event to a small bronze statue of Yogaswami. It was a powerful puja to be witnessed.  After the ceremony, Gurudeva inaugurated and blessed a world tour for the Yogaswami Murthi (icon). Gurudeva sent the great sage on a mission tracing the diaspora of Sri Lankan Tamils throughout the world. 

Gurudeva instructed that no plans or schedules should be devised for the spiritual odyssey; everything should unfold according to the "in the moment" inspiration and devotion of devotees along the way, until Yogaswami finally returned to rest in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. 

So far, the tour has traversed half the globe. Moving from Hawaii, through Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver in Canada; then on to Maryland, New York and Los Angeles in the USA before crossing the Atlantic for Europe. Wonderful pujas and cultural events have greeted the sage at every port of call. For the past twelve years, Yogaswami was in Europe.

In December of 2013, Yogaswami left Europe for Sri Lanka. Perhaps, it's his wish to be in Jaffna for his 50th Maha Samadhi Guru Puja on April 10th of this year. We are eagerly waiting for his arrival here in Jaffna. Pilgrimage was an important component of Yogaswami's life. After his initiation from his Guru Chellappawami in Nallur, Yogaswami went on a Patha Yathrai (foot Pilgrimage) to all  the local holy places in Sri Lanka. On his Golden Jubilee Year, Yogaswami may continue his Yatra all through Sri Lanka. 

As Gurudeva had instructed, no plans or schedules have made for his travel within Sri Lanka. One thing we are sure: it is a great blessing to have Yogaswami ending his world tour in Sri Lanka on his Golden Jubilee Year.

Aum Shanthi,

Rishi Thondunathan

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