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Tour Day

This Sun one was tour day. This week is unique, having two tour days.

This group was given an introduction, by our local memebers, before being taken on a tour of the sacred gardens, out to Iraivan temple. Everyone had a wonderful time, and several commented on the beauty and peace of the monastery.

“If a man cares daily for those who come to him, his life will never suffer the grievous ruin of poverty.”

Recent Visitors

Gurumurti and Alamu are on their first visit from Austin, Texas. They were very happy to see a new batch of rudrakshas at the ideal time, when the fruits are ripe and falling to the ground.

A Rare and Welcome Visitor

Last week Swami Nityananda, disciple of Swami Muktananda of Ganeshpuri renown, visited the monastery with 40 or so of his followers and yoga students and had some wonderful conversation with Sadasivanathaswami. Swami knows Kauai well and has been visiting regularly over the decades since Baba's passing. In this photo they are exiting Iraivan temple.

What was not known at the time is that one among the visitors was Dana Wilkinson, the twin brother of our own Acharya Kumaranathaswami. Dana and his wife Jackie served on the staff of the spiritual retreat that Swami Nityananda was holding on Kauai. That's Dana with a brown shawl on his shoulder and Jackie in front with the blue dress and scarf.

After the above temple tour, Dana and Jackie found their way to our carpentry shop, there to greet Acharya, who was not expecting them and who had not seen Dana for 41 years! It was a rare and unexpected brotherly confluence. Both had grown up, found the spiritual path and entered Saivite lineages. Acharya showed Dana the wood shop and took them on a tour of the Media Studio. We thank Jackie for the photos.

Recent Guests

We've seen quite a few guests over the last few days.

Pictured above is Asha Maharaj, who came today on her birthday with sister, mom and cousin Shiva. They are taking 151 rudraksha seeds back to Trinidad with them to bless their little temple there.

In the next photo is John Ward and his wife visiting from Colorado. John helped us with the supply of fly ash for the Iraivan temple foundation concrete pour in the late 90s. He worked very closely with Prof. P. Kumar Mehta who designed the high-volume fly ash concrete mix for our temple foundation.

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