Our Visiting Brother Swami Departs

We had a blast with Swami Ramana Swaroopanandaji, but Swami had to keep going on his mission across the mainland US. We hope to see Swami visit us soon.

Large Family of Devotees Visit

We hosted the wonderful Suresh and Nisha Rajamanickam family the other day, visiting all the way from Florida.

Thanks to Kaivalyanathaswami for keeping in close contact with the family, we were able to hear so many insights and reflections from them.

Sahasralingam Archana at the Monastery

Last week, Kaua`i Aadheenam was honored and blessed to have a most sincere, disciplined group of Satya Sai Baba devotees visit us. Months ago, their coordinator, Sandhya Kanade, contacted us with a request. In fact, her original note to us is the body of this post, as she thoroughly describes everything which took place.

"We are a group of devotees of Sri Satya Sai Baba, who are passionate about helping promote 'World peace' and well-being through the chanting of the Vedas. The Rudram is known to elevate the energies and accord expanding peace and love in the world.  Where better to chant, than in the auspicious grounds of the Kauai Hindu Monastery where preserving and providing a firm foundation of Sanathana Dharma is one of its missions.
"The world is now a global family with many friends and relative from various cultural, variant religious practices and family backgrounds. We desire to perform this Sahasra lingarchana as a group and enjoy Siva Anandam all together under one roof, with the coming together of all people from various castes, creed, sex and age groups to worship Lord Siva. Bhakti and devotion always plays a pivotal role in all our prayers at all times. It is well said that any puja performed as a group gives more vibration and good results to all the participants and the society. Group participation will also provide good understanding and opportunity to all of us and our children to learn more and more about Sanathana Dharma .They can adopt and carry it forward to future generations.
"Sahasra Lingarchana is a unique vedic ritual to worship lord Siva in the name of 'Uma Pardhiveswara Swamy.' It is performed by making 1,116 mruthika siva lingas also called as Pardhiva lingas made out of well prepared and sanctified clay. All these siva lingas are arranged in the form of Kailasa prastharam which is a depiction of Siva Kailasam with 16 avaranas and 1,116 Rudra swaroopas.  They are placed in this particular formation on a wooden plank. Roughly, an area of 9x9 is required. Devotees sit around this arrangement to pray and chant. Siva Shakti is invoked into each Siva lingam through vedic mantras during Shodasa Aavarana puja and worshiped with great devotion and bhakti to seek the blessings of Sri Uma Pardhiveswara Swamy for health, wealth, prosperity, bliss and ultimate mukthi.
"According to our Siva Maha Puranam, it is said that our lord Siva and goddess Parvathi reside in Kailasam, which is surrounded by 16 aavaranas. Each avarana contains a set of Rudra swaroopa devata ganas. There is a well-defined name for each aavarana and the respective devata ganas in the Sahasra Lingarchana kalpam . Shodasa Avarana puja is the process of invoking Rudra swaroopa devata shakti in all 1,116 mruthika sivalingas arranged in kailasa prastharam with 16 avaranas by each ones name and respective mantras. We invite them into the kailasa prastharam with all shodasa upacharams to worship them. Once this is complete, we'll have 1,116 Rudra devata swaroopams with Maha Linga swaroopa Uma Pardhiveswara swamy in the kailasa prastharam. This becomes the pivotal point of the entire universal energy and universal consciousness. What a  great opportunity for every one participating in such event to receive the universal energy as blessings. The mahanyasam is the process to tune your mind and body to absorb this high frequency universal energy present in Kailasa Prastharam which is invoked thru vibrant vedic beejakshra mantras during prana prathistha. This is followed by the Lingaarchana and then Rudraabhishekham.
"The main component in Sahasra Lingarchana is to make 1,116 mruthika Siva lingas, which we usually do in advance at home and bring it safely to the venue.
The main program details and rough time estimates are as follows
1. Ganapathy puja (30 min)
2. Sankalpam (30 min)
3. Mahanyasam (1.5 hrs)
4. Sahasra Lingarchana (1.5 hrs)
5. 1 round of chanting of the Rudram ( 30 min)
"Our hope is to perform it on July 2nd 2016 - Saturday morning and if possible, along with the swamis, yogis and sadhakas of the ashram. We have performed this Archana and chanting in other towns and cities in the US with a dedicated group of volunteers who work tirelessly for a seamless process, starting from setting up for the event to clean-up after the event. It can either be performed indoors or outdoors based on the number of chanters.
"To be able to perform a Sahasralingaarchana and chant the RUDRAM In this auspicious and highly energized Island of Kauai, especially in the precincts of the Monastery is indeed a blessing.  We would like the Monastics and board members to kindly consider this proposal."

We just today received a beautiful message from Sandhya reflecting on the aftermath of their visit:

"Namaste Swamiji,
My humble pranaams to Satguru and all of you. We had an inspiring, uplifting and devotion-filled week. Yourself and the entire Monastery showed us what it is to 'share and give selflessly.'
Starting from opening the doors of the monastery for this event to having the group experience the whole divine land of the Monastery- go into the garbhagudi of the Iraivan temple, do Abhishekha to the Narmada Linga , experience the spiritual energy on the grounds- has been a touching experience. You thoughtfulness in simple tasks such as providing bug spray, provide the buggy to take people around etc was an inspiring experience.
The icing on the cake was the Ardra pooja and Abhishekha to Lord Nataraja . It was indescribable and was an out of the world experience. The whole group had tears of Bliss flowing incessantly. What a spiritually elevating weekend that was.
Thank you  is such a small word that does not express the gratitude we all feel..
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu.
The Sai group"

Tour Days Are Packed

Summer bring many visitors. Aran Sendan conducted a recent tour on June 18th

The Duggirala Family Visits

We felt fortunate to have the Duggirala family of Memphis, Tennessee, all eight of them, visit our monastery this morning. Here they are (along with other guests of the day) enjoying the sanctified headquarters of our Himalayan Academy publications' Media Studio. They met and chatted with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and other members of the staff. Kaivalyanathaswami is showing them the key spots of the monastery, including Iraivan temple precincts where they noticed quite a change, "There was only the cement foundation when we were here last!"
We have known the Duggiralas for a long time; they have been faithful supporters and last year received our Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami at their India Cultural Center & Temple, in Memphis, where he gave a talk.

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