Photos of Many of Our Recent Guests

Here we share 56 images of many of our visiting pilgrims from the last several months.

Following Through on a Satguru’s Direction

Ravi Nadesan was captured by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami's (Gurudeva's) teachings in the 1970s. Soon, he became a Hindu, changed his name, and began practicing sadhana daily, which he continues to this day. In the mid-80s, he and his wife asked Gurudeva how they might help manifest a temple in Concord, where they lived. The response was immediate and enthusiastic. Gurudeva gave the couple a Ganesha murti. He told them to launch the temple by commencing its worship, doing puja to Ganesha in their home. They installed the murti in their back yard right away and followed the instructions. Thus began what would become Concord's Shiva Murugan Temple. Ravi has been a board member of the temple since 1995 and today he is spearheading a project to transform it into a traditional agamic temple. Two days ago, he presented the latest architectural plans to Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

Singing to the Gods

A short video of recent pilgrims singing in Kadavul Temple

Recent Pilgrims

The Vasanthan family is visiting from the mainland. names from oldest to youngest are
Dr. M.R. Vasanthan
Mrs. Latha Vasanthan
Kalicharan Vasanthan
Varsha Madhav Vasanthan
Ria Rajalakshmi Vasanthan
Aarna Vasanthan
Asvir Vasanthan
Anu Sri Vasanthan
Rishi Vasanthan
Neha Vasanthan

Scott Rossi Family Visits Kauai’s Hindu Monastery

Scott Rossi and his wife Jonna and sons Sam and Jack came to Kauai for a vacation and were hosted, yesterday by Brahmanathaswami for a full tour of Iraivan and the media studio. Scott is a top UX/UI software designer who has been building amazing interfaces and software since 1989. Check out his site Tactile Media.

Scott uses the same tools (Livecode) that Brahmanathaswami uses for building software for the Ganapati Kulam media production processes and this web site. For example, every post here on TAKA is built using a Livecode application that allows the monks to write captions and auto generate the javascript for these slideshows.

Scott and swami have been in touch for years through the technical email lists. Scott has always been very generous to the whole community with his expertise and guidance. Thank you Scott! This was a chance for Scott and his family to meet the monks face-to-face to find out more about the monastery, Hinduism and our way of life.

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