Recent Visitors

Recent Visitors

Vasuki Sivagnanavel brought her parents for a first visit from London. They are from Jaffna, Sri Lanka originally. Another couple joined our walk through the grounds.

Class with Acharya Arumuganathaswami

Our retreat pilgrims gather for a class on the state of the Hindu history work that Acharya has been working on for several years. Acharya gave an informative one-hour talk, starting from the background of the projects history, to present day meetings for change. Swami ended on an uplifting note saying that history book material is ripe for change and educators are coming around. Swami will be traveling in the beginning of May to the Bay area, Los Angeles and Sacremento to spread awareness about the ongoing struggle of outdated schoolbook material and present the new material that the monks created.

Photos From One of Our Pilgrims

We recently received these photos from Tina Desai who is here on Pilgrimage from Canada. She's been attending the Ladies' Retreat while here.

Recent Visitors

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