Our Site’s New Search Engine

When we ask CyberCadets (Gurudeva's affectionate name for all of you who use our sites) what the most important improvement would be for them, we get one answer: "Better search engine." Our team has been working for months (not on this one project, of course) to address this need, and today we are delighted to announce that it's here: a Google Custom Search Engine with extra refinements by our team.

At the top-right of every page you will now find a search field that says "search this site." You can use the same strategies for your search as you would on Google, using several keywords or putting an exact string into quotes for a precise target. One we like is to ask: books "fear of death" and you will get back all references to "fear of death" in the books. Or you can ask: TAKA "Kumar Gurukkal" to go to pages showing when he was here at the monastery in the last few years. Or type: art rajam ganesha to find one of 134 works of art S. Rajam created depicting Lord Ganesha. Or type: Gurudeva Sivaratri.

There is more. Once you click search, the engine will give you the returns on a new page. In the case of that last query, we get 286 references in Google's style to which we are all accustomed. Here on the results page you will now see a series of tabs between the search field and results. They are named AUDIO, TAKA, ART, BOOKS, PHOTOS, VIDEO, HINDUISM TODAY, etc.

If you now click on the AUDIO tab after searching Gurudeva Sivaratri, you will be instantly presented with 55 results only of Gurudeva's talks. You can get the most recent talks (or TAKA posts) by choosing "Date" instead of "Relevance" from the "Sort by" selector at the top-right of the results.

We invite you to discover the vast resources on our sites, and also to send us a note sharing your experience and suggesting how we can make search even more serviceable on our site in the future.

Publisher’s Desk Meeting

Today the Ganapati Kulam was joined by Bodhinatha for their quarterly Publisher's Desk meeting, after nearly two years without one. Since the Media Studio construction is over it's time for the team to really focus on the magazine and our digital publications. This meeting sets the trend for the coming four issues of Hinduism today as the team decides on feature stories and insight sections to pursue. The July issue's contents were also finalized.

Aarti Visswanathan Contributes to Graphics Production

The Ravi and Sheela Visswanathan came to Kauai for an extended mid-winter pilgrimage. For several weeks both their children, Aarti and Mayuresh offered to help during their stay. Aarti worked for the Ganapati kulam on several important graphics projects. This young lady turned 15 in November and she has Super Concentration powers. She worked on three projects: setting titles for the new collection of art we posted to the web: the commissioned work of A. Manivelu. She entered titles and tags into our database for over 800 images. And if that was not enough of a feat, she then did the same for over 1,500 aums. Thanks to this seva, these collections are now highly accessible. After that, she trained in the use of Adobe Illustrator and created 14 borders for future issue of Hinduism Today. Thank you Aarti! This was a great contribution.

“Dancing with Siva” in Gujarati

A talented team has been working for several years to put Gurudeva's legacy into the Gujarati language, an important task when you consider that over 65 million speakers exist all around the globe. It's not easy, as any translator will tell you, but we have two men who have tackled it with a profound pen. In fact, they are doing it all by hand, not in a computer. Several days back we received news they had finished "Dancing with Siva," and we also got a few samples to see how legible they are, so we can have our team in Chennai  type into a computer using Unicode fonts. A tiny glimpse. In the future the book will be printed in India in full color! And it will be online as well.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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