Hinduism Today’s Kerala Correspondent Honored

At a public function held in Kottayam, known as the media capital of Kerala, on Nov 24th, Kerala State's Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan honoured G. K. Nair, the Hinduism Today correspondent for his contributions in the field of spiritual journalism, i.e. Hinduism Today, by wrapping a shawl around him. Others in the picture on are Prof Sreepadam Easwaran Nampoothiri, an academic poet and on the right, Prof Reghudev, Editor of Devaja, the publication which was recognizing Mr. Nair. Prof Reghudev dedicated the auspicious event in the premises of Sree Mahadeva Temple, at Thirunakkara, Kottayam, at "the lotus feet of Jagadguru Sivayasubramuniyaswami and all the Rishis of the Kailasa parampara." Mr. Nair explained that it was his first meeting with the Jagadguru that changed his and his family's life. "It was, indeed a watershed in our life. The continuous guidance of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylan Swamiji, the present Dharmacharya and Madhadhipathi has placed us on the right path of Saiva Dharma. Mr. Nair said it was their blessings that brought him here to be honored by us," stated Prof Reghudev.

Poem on Lord Shiva

One of our viewer form Trinidad and Tobago writes English Poetry based on Sanskrit-Hindi literature. The following for Lord Siva, based on the famous Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra, from the Rig Veda, found in the Sri Rudram Trayambakam Yajamahe Upon the tresses of life’s fragrant breath, Came Love, Compassion, And the bliss of Realisation; As I came to know that all these three, Are the soft beautiful eyes of Mahadeva, For He is Trayambakam; The beautiful one of three eyes, And Yajamahe; We worship him with all our hearts, Sugandhim, pushti and vardhanam, He pervades the universe with His sweetness; He nourishes all and sustains everything. Oh Lord, my God of Gods, Open my heart and release my soul, Lift me to the heights of devotion to You, As we tread our path of BhaktiKarmaGyana, Give us liberation and free us from death, Mrtyor mukshiya mamritat, Just like a ripe fruit Is snapped from its stem, Quickly, effortlessly and with consummate ease: Urvarukam iva bandhanan; Give us Realisation of the Brahman, The permanent reality of the universe, Grant us Your Sat, Chitta and Annand, That we may be free in life, To live the bliss of Your Realisation, And always worship at Your Lotus feet, With all our heart and all our love, Om Shri Trayambakaya Namah.

It’s Scribe Day on Kauai

Scribe Day? Yes, this is the day each quarter when our cenobitic editors have to submit their articles for the magazine. Then we have four working days to make our final edits and color corrections and such before Scroll Day. Scroll Day is when the PDFs go off to our printer in Minnesota. Get it? Scribe is the writer and scroll is the printer. Gurudeva never like the word deadline, so we have positive names that won't keep a monk awake at night if he is behind schedule.

After it's all off to the printer, we go to work and repurpose the files for our website, and then send the PDFs to India to be ePubed, then send another set to Delhi for the India Edition, then send Pub Desk to seven translators for porting to other languages, then.... you get the idea.

An Official Fictionary

The monks have an official Fictionary, a place to honor and preserve those creative moments when the tongue and the brain conspire to create a new word that really should be in the dictionary, but isn't. We offer today our latest entries, and we welcome Fictionary entries from you. We will keep them, use them, be entertained by them. 

thyping: typing with two thumbs, the new form of the now antiquated typing.

projectory:  The arc along which projections move

bloomy: adjective to describe a plant that is in full flower.

simplicated: taking something complex and making it simple

conduce (vt) - to be conducive.  Example:  I have read that peanuts do not conduce to tooth decay.

sbaw (adj., usually enclosed in parentheses) - actually a lowercased acronym for "should be a word."  Example:  I have read that peanuts do not conduce (sbaw) to tooth decay.

Holycowiferous: The famed expletive in adjectival form

Venture philanthropist: A savvy person of means who strategically invests in projects (especially non-profit initiatives) expecting the returns to not be monetary, but dharmic and karmic.

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