A Big Bloom

In our garden today. Solandra maxima also know as the Cup of Gold vine, with flowers up to six inches in diameter. Flowering for the first time!

Landscaping With Ancient Plants – Cycads

With the disappearance of the mango tree by the edge of the media studio and the expanded area created by pruning back the banyan tree on the east of Kadavul, we had a lot of exposed ground. Paramacharya Sadasivanathswami acquired some cycads to dress up the area, provide some shade and wind break for the flowering plants. Cycads may look like, but should not be confused with, palms or ferns. They are a unique plant. Fossil remains of cycads have been discovered that indicate they were present on earth 280 million years ago. Some think even longer. A cycad plant is known to live 1000 years. Highly prized in the world of tropical horticulture, they are a zero maintenance and very slow growing plant. In a tropical jungle environment where things grow so fast you have to spend a lot of time trimming and pruning back your flora, hauling away fallen fronds and leaves.... cycads will just "sit there" year after year, looking beautiful.

Our Desert Plants

When visitors see our arid plants, they are surprised. We tell them, it is either very foolish or very brave to try to have a desert in 95 inches of rain. And in truth, many don't make it. But some do, and they are a wonderful contrast to the lush tropical plants that dominate the gardens.

An Arizona supporter recently sent some cactus to add to the garden, a gift from the real desert, and he asked us to take some photos of our arids to show to the nurseryman. So, today we took a flurry of photos and offer them to you.

Blooming in Siva’s Garden Today

The Living Temple of Siva's Garden is so full of botanical creatures, every walk one takes through it offers surprises. Here are some of today's.

Kaduval’s Growing Garden

The recently planted garden outside of Kaduval temple is blooming. The once barren area under the trimmed banyon tree is now filled with colorful dalias, roses and hibiscus.

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