Media Studio Landscaping

Over the last week or two, progress has been made on the Media Studio's surrounding landscaping. The idea is to create a rocky dessert garden, complete with cacti, cycads, agave and other exotic specimens. Bordering the rocky garden beds are balinese stones which add delightful accent to the surrounding pathways. Rock gardens, while pleasing to the eye, are also easy to maintain.

A Priceless View

Here is today's classic shot of Mount Waialeale. This was taken from the Media Studio's large window. We've been having light rain throughout the day, causing the river to swell and placing a fine layer of clouds over the mountain. A perfectly painted canvas in Siva's perfect Universe.

"Have faith in God. Believe in Him with all your heart. Think that in the world He is for you the sweetest of all sweet things. Think that there is nothing other than God. Sitting or standing, walking or lying down, think of Him. Let the thought of Him permeate your nerves, flesh and blood. Think that you are nonexistent and that He alone exists. Let the aim of your life be to worship Him. What one thinks, that one becomes. Have God in your heart and bring Him up there. Let all actions be His action. Finally all will be seen as He."
Yogaswami's Natchintanai

Landscape Architecture

This month, Martin and his landscaping apprentice Dante are here to move forward on the creation on Iriavan Temple's surrounding gardens. The two are here, not only to finalize the planning stages, but to start moving the earth itself. With the help of an excavator, a good deal of work has been done to sculpt the surrounding hillsides in preparation for the next step of placing the giant boulders, which will be followed in the future with preparations for plants.

Ode to Trees

Today we are removing some trees, scrub trees to be sure, but trees nonetheless and there is a small prayaschitta to be done. Yes, we are preparing the ground for more trees, many trees and much to live beneath those trees. Sad, our joy today.

So we give a small space to honor the tree. The photos here are of the immense and the ancient, the gnarled and the odd, but every tree is a bit of Siva's Self, howsoever plain and ignored by the wayside where it give life and shade to passersby.

Enjoy the slideshow and plant, if you can, 12 trees each year or see that they are planted.

In Siva’s Garden Today

A few of the living gems in the sacred temple garden.

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